Junglers and Warding

Posted: May 3, 2011 by xenocidebrm in Jungling

Jungling, like trolling, is a art. Sadly, these days, it’s hard to find good junglers in normal queue. The junglers I do see consist little more of “janglers” – characters who can jungle without any skill. As a Shaco jungler, it’s quite disappointing to see a Warwick do absolutely nothing but jungle until level 10 or a Nocturne who immediately has to recall after killing blue buff. So when our party ended up with a jungler Xin Zhao who asked for help on blue buff, I knew something was up.

I’ll give him this much: he was great at ganking. But that’s just what Xin Zhao does. He easily had the best Kill-Death ratio on our team, always getting the final blow on anyone running away. Unfortunately, every time we tried to team battle, we were outmaneuvered. It was clear looking at the minimap that something was wrong. I asked Xin Zhao where his wards were.

He said that Xin Zhao didn’t need wards.

I can understand his reluctance: why would I buy something that only lasts 3 minutes, may not even be useful, and doesn’t increase my damage? Well, as any good strategic player knows, information is power. In fact, information is an awful lot of power. The metagame of most strategy games involves scouting the opponent to gain insight into what they’re doing. In this way, you can easily counter an opponent by responding appropriately.

In League of Legends, it is particularly important for a jungler to ward. This is not only because it provides protection and information for himself. It allows him to see where ganks can be most successful, peek into bushes without putting one’s self in danger, and give your teammates a heads up for where mia heroes might be. The less apparent reason is, in my opinion, the most important: a jungler does not need to devote most of his earnings into his particular role. The laners, by and far, are the most important players to get geared up to max. The advantage of a jungler is not in gear, but in the element of surprise and the ability to act on a larger map of information.

Therefore, it seems rather logical that the jungler should put down the majority of wards, particularly in the JUNGLE. I’m looking at you, Xin Zhao we played with who didn’t place wards.

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