Some Bullshit

Posted: May 5, 2011 by Joshua Adam in Complaining

Ya’know what’s bullshit? People who actually care that much about their score in a game.

It sounds like backward logic, but it’s getting on my nerves when people claim that “because of my score” I didn’t play poorly. Bullcrap, you can go 10/1 and still play poorly. That quadrakill you just got doesn’t mean much if two or three teammates died in the process. Or maybe you were a ranged carry, have 0 zero deaths, but were always too far back to actually accomplish anything (this is more common than the former).

I’m getting to something that I sadly see too much: people playing strictly for kills rather then playing to win. Yeah, it’s infrequent but teams with less kills can and do win. Why? Because when that single ace does happen, they are in position to push and end the damn game, and THAT is what wins. When teammates don’t pay attention to what is going on, or take time to creep (when you are 20 minutes in) that’s when you lose. If you sit around, let your tank get harassed and don’t harass back, that’s when you lose.

How little does score actually mean? The last game I played, our Brand claimed he did “perfectly fine” (after being challenged by the enemy champ he was in lane against—which was mid) with a 5/4 score. That sounds good, but up until the team fight phase he had died all 4 times to their mid, an Akali. As a result, once the lane phase was done, Akali was 20 or so creeps ahead and had 4 kills (1 being first blood) under her belt. Even then, most of his kills later on were because… well, he’s Brand. He just has to click in the general direction of someone and they are BOUND to get roasted.

Score. Means. Nothing. Granted, usually a good score means you are playing well. In that respect, score usually has a correlation to how well you are doing. But at the same time, sometimes less kill and a higher creep count is better, or having an insane amount of assists—that at least implies that you were working with someone. And if you are not a carry its probably a good thing to not have a ton of kills—that means more money goes to the characters who are item dependent. League is funny that way, it rewards smart play and not “greedy” play.

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