Pls Don’t Ignore the Mini-map. Kthnxbai

Posted: May 9, 2011 by Joshua Adam in Complaining, Laning

Seriously, every player should be forced to do rounds of “treeline” till they get it: sometimes MIA calls are not enough. You learn extremely quickly in “treeline” to ALWAYS expect a gank if someone is missing. And, since the map is so enclosed, most of the time you don’t have the 10 seconds to call an mia: by then its too late.

I’m kind of referring to a game last night which pretty effectively broke my spirit to keep playing (just for that night). Our midlane Malzahar was lanning against Teemo. I had the pleasure of going 2v1 in top versus Xin and Poppy (you can sense my enthusiasm, no?). Malz not only ignored MIAs but then blammed me (and bot lane…not as unreasonable but still ridiculous) for not helping him.

3 problems with this logic: 1, I am in a 2v1 lane. The champions in my lane are missing, and you want me to look for them? Thats just asking for trouble, especially considering the champs missing. 2: If you are attacking the enemy tower and there are ANY mias, you deserve to be ganked at mid (as an aside, if you team doesn’t take advantage of a champ doing that then your team sucks).

And my third problem is thus: There was a good thirty seconds between my mia calls and Malz  getting ganked. Thirty seconds is a long time, and by then–even if there was no call–you should be aware that there is an entire lane missing.  And to then overextend… it boggles my mind. To boot for him to blame the entire team for not helping him… Frankly, these are the types of players that ruin the game. Playing bad is one thing, but to then have a shit attitude… wow.

To not get entirely off topic let me make it clear: map awareness, map awareness, map awareness. Always be aware of where the enemy champs are, be aware of who is mia, and be aware of where they were WHEN they went mia, and be aware of how long they have been mia. Thats a lot to keep track of, and no simple “top mia” call can tell you all of that.

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