Yes, I am asking the internet to behave

Posted: May 12, 2011 by Joshua Adam in Metagame

Just as a general rule of thumb, I’ve noticed that if you are nicer to your opponents and teammates, you will generally have a better time–especially in a solo que with some randoms. If you act like an ass and blame your team for the loss then you will be (and should be) reported.

Its just something that continues to irk me, and perhaps I should get over myself, but I don’t understand not being a good sport. A loss is a loss, a win is a win, and all that jazz. More to the point, blaming teammates is fruitless since the absolute LAST thing it will accomplish is convincing people to play better. If anything you are just begging them to start feeding.

There is also the fact that a little bit a humility goes a long a way. If you apologize for a bad play or not following someone during a tower dive (which afterward you realize was the correct decision) most people will acknowledge it and move on. Hell, I’ve had more people turn it around and say “It’s okay, I should have seen you weren’t with me.” Obviously, atrociously bad playing can’t be forgiven, but at least (if you are the guilty party) you should feel or even SHOW a little guilt. I know I did when it was free Brolaf week a while back (spoiler: I can’t play Olaf). In other words, yes, I still can’t get over that Malzahar from a few days ago.

This is called “No-Elo” for a reason. Competitive casual play is a tricky thing: you have to care enough to always try and play well but not care enough to shrug a loss. I guess if anything always be aware of your playing. How you play is a lot more important than if you win or lose. Maybe this is a personal thing, but I’d rather lose a game that I played well then win a game that I played like shit.

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