A New Meta

Posted: May 14, 2011 by Joshua Adam in Metagame

In many ways it is kind of moot to talk meta on a site dedicated toward more casual play, but it is always fun to talk general strat.

Any time I check boards about LoL meta it’s always “Tanky-DPS, TANKY DPS!” Well, I disagree. Compared to just little under a month ago I’m already starting to see a shift and for the better. A combination of general observations, and several well played games, and I think I know how to combat tanky dps: ranged damage and zoning.

Yeah, it is kind of a simple solution when you stop and think about it. Tanky-DPS works by getting up in your face and eating all the damage you can throw. If you don’t let the other team get in your face and initiate and instead play by whittling down the enemy champs with lots of poke you have a viable counter.

Tanky-DPS’ strength is that it can and almost always will dominate a team fight. And there is really no point in trying to beat a team like that in a straight fight. A ranged dps team, however, excels at harass and–more importantly–the pushing and tower game, far more important for winning  the game than you’re ability to 5v5. Combined with the trait to snowball really well, once a ranged-dps team starts to do well it will usually continue to do well.

This doesn’t mean you take a team of nothing but ranged carries. It just means that two ranged DPS/carries are more viable than the traditional one. And even here, your team’s ability to coordinate is everything and, most important, zone. If your team can’t zone, you won’t win.  Essentially, Tristana and M.Fortune=not very effective. Anivia, Caitlyn, Nidalee, and Karthus=extremely effective. And a healthy dose of stun support is also appreciated (Taric, Sona, Amumu). If I were to decide, my ideal team would be Ashe, Karthus, Caitlyn, Taric/Sona, and jungling Nunu/Amumu.

Or I could be completely wrong. That is a total possibility.

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