Forcing Good Habits

Posted: May 16, 2011 by atenthirtyone in Items, Laning

Hi there all! Another new author here for this near-desolate blog.

Every video gamer has habits that are created and ingrained into their play. These habits that  tend to stay with this individual and it affects how they play. Sometimes, they help the player, sometimes it only hurts them. I believe that it is important to identify bad habits and remove them. It is also equally important to create and develop good habits that allows you to play better (after all, who doesn’t love winning?). However, these habits cannot be removed overnight, and it requires yourself to want to get rid of them. It’s not so easy to stop doing what your brain has deemed as correct for a period of time and introducing new ideas and concepts into it. Here’s two major areas of habits that many players struggle with.

(Tunnel) Vision

Here’s a typical scenario: You are about five or fix minutes into the laning phrase. You in the mid lane so doing fairly well with your creep score. You are also denying your opponent with some harassment. Maybe, he/she has gone back to heal once or twice. You are feeling good. You are focusing on last hitting and denying like a boss. Hell, you are the boss and pushing the lane into their tower because that enemy Ashe is awful. FUCK…. *A level 6 laning Malzahar flashes in and ultimates you and allows that scrubby Ashe kill you* WHAT?

Yeah, you just got ganked. Now, were you paying attention to the mini-map that there was someone missing on the top lane? Or did you miss the “top mia” care from your teammates? Probably not, since you died to something that could have been avoided. While, it is important to focus on being a boss, you kinda need to pay attention. Now, how do you correct this? Force yourself to look at the mini-map.

Enemy (And Team) Equipment

Much like checking the mini-map and chat log, it’s also important to know what the hell your opponents are building? They have an Alistar? Now, is he building tanky so he probably can’t kill you but you will probably never dent his minotaur body? Or is he building pure AP and will hit you a truck when he does his Headbutt into Pulverize combo? A champion is not static at the beginning of each match. While, they are limited to a constraint of abilities and basic stats, players can improve or skew them to a particular fashion. It is very important for you check their equipment to see what they are doing. This is simply done by doing this: Press Tab.

Forcing  (Good) Habits

Now, I introduced two habits that players don’t do: Check the positioning of their opponents’ team through mini-map, and Checking their equipment. So yeah, it’s pretty logical to say that “I need to check these more”. But how do I do this? If you are asking this question, then you probably would need to force yourself to do so. The next time you play a game of League of Legends (I don’t care if it’s Ranked, Normal, or All Random Custom), do this: Every ten seconds, I am going to open my eyes to the mini-map, then move my eyes to the chat log, and then press Tab to pretty check the items. It’s going to be boring and tedious, but it’s a good way to force your brain to learn through repetition. As you do this more over time, it will be less thinking, and become a habit. Congratulations you developed a good gaming habit!

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