How To Carry, also known as how to win games more easily.

Posted: May 16, 2011 by Joshua Adam in Guides, Laning

I won’t pretend to be a master of carrying, but I have been play a lot of ranged DPS and carrying as of late. I’ve taken these couple weeks to really learn the ins and outs of three very very different ranged DPS carries: Corki, Caitlyn, and Tristana. Prior to this, I was playing predominantly tanks, support, or jungling. As a whole, this experience has taught me a lot about the game and even more about how to win.

First and foremost: if you are not a DPS carry it really is your job to help them. I’m not saying this because carrying is fun (it is, but plenty of people suck at it). I’m saying this because DPS carries are the best champions for killing towers. It is here that they really shine: nobody does this better. They do it safely, quickly, and have the added ability of keeping enemy minions (and champions) away from the tower. AP carries may do better burst and may be better at getting kills, but once a team gets to a tower it is all about the ranged DPS. In short, work to get your DPS carry to the tower as quickly as possible. If your DPS carry is not going for the towers… well, then just surrender. Towers. Win. Games. Period.

Secondly, if you are carrying: don’t be a craven bastard. Seriously, this is why I’ve almost given up playing a tank. Your job is to do DAMAGE, not hide while the team’s bruisers and tanks absorb damage. Tanks have better things to do than absorb harass–like initiate and set up kills for the team (tanks, in many ways, are the best kind of support). It is very hard for you to actually put out (heh) some damage if you are hiding in the back or in some nearby brush.

Next, if your team doesn’t have at least one ranged DPS you will probably lose. Fairly self-explanatory. I’m not saying you will lose, just saying you probably will.

The last thing I’ve learned is don’t play for kills, play to control the lane. This does not mean pushing–that’s stupid, and usually a biproduct of auto-attacking. This means last hitting, denying, zoning, and harassing. Every player should always be last hitting, but ranged DPS even more so considering how gear dependent you are (if you haven’t finished your core before the fifteen/don’t have the money to finish it you are doing poorly). The other three go hand in hand: don’t let the people laning against you complete their build. Don’t be polite and let them last hit. Make them work for it. If you are harassing properly, kills just tend to happen. And guess what? If they are that low from harass, and you missed a kill, then you are forcing them to go back anyway. You just gained a level advantage. Job well done! And if ganks happen, whoopie! More level advantage! I can’t believe I used “whoopie” in a blog post!

Before I close this (I’d actually like comments on this) is just a general build observation. Its not because I like to waste gold but I actually like going for my pickaxe before the B.F. Sword. Its mainly because the first two items I always go back and forth between are the “Infinity Edge” and the “Mandred’s Bloodrazor.” Sometimes I may get both, but a lot depends on how tanky/armor heavy the enemy is. My build for Trist and Cait is almost always based upon three dorans (as opposed to a more common 2) boots, and a pickaxe. Just wondering what other people think.

  1. Gorgosch says:

    You asked for comment, here it is.

    From my point of expirience. Now Lvl 21 and almost always playing Tanky DPS. You are totaly right.

    I just learned how squish the DPS carries are, and how hard it is to level. Tanks do support. but dps has to deliver the damage.

    In some phases you are not precise enough. Will be hard to understand if you not a pro yet.

    (if you haven’t finished your core before the fifteen/don’t have the money to finish it you are doing poorly

    What does fifteen mean. Minute. Lvl. Minion wave?

    You got me clueless.

  2. jisho23 says:

    Fifteen minutes. If a carry has a solo lane they should be finished or near finished with their base (for example, if I’m building Trist in mid lane and if I have not seen my base boots, 2 dorans, and a pickaxe by fifteen minutes in, I am not doing my job).

    • jisho23 says:

      And to further add, that would be with no kills, towers, or dragons. Ideally, if I have some objective money, I should have my grieves and already be working toward an I.E. or bloodrazor. And this still doesn’t factor that I may have bought some wards.

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