The Roshan Toss #1 – Why I stopped playing DOTA

Posted: May 17, 2011 by kingofgob in General

The Roshan Toss-Why I stopped playing DOTA.
Several years ago I bought Warcraft 3 for the sole purpose of playing a game called Defense of the Ancients that my friends raved about in school. I remember I started out playing the Pit Lord because he had reincarnation so I “never died.” I thought this was the best thing ever, but that’s a story for another day. Today I want to talk about why I stopped playing DOTA and what makes LoL my current “DotA” style game of choice.

1. The Late Game Caster
In DotA, casters owned the early game, strength owned the mid-game and agility owned the late-game. A team of casters had to rack up a ton of kills in the early game or else they would have no chance winning. The problem: spell damage didn’t ever ramp up. Lion’s Finger of Death did X damage. Once he hit 16 FoD would never deal any more damage (Yes he could get a scepter but that’s it). Ability power completely changes the way the game is played. The spell damage output of a level 18 Veigar can go to infinity as the game goes infinity long. Now this does not come without a cost, and if I wind up writing more of these this will definitely be something I discuss. Ability power makes LoL “int” heroes more interesting to build for and play.
2. Why another int hero?
This builds off number one, but towards the end of my DOTA playing days it seemed like the only new heroes that came out where int casters with three nukes and a stun/slow. It got to the point where a strength hero would come out; I would get really excited to find out what he did only to discover he had three nukes and a stun. WTF! Now I don’t claim to know anything about the development of DOTA so this is pure speculation, but I attribute this to DOTA trying too hard to cater to the vocal minority that exists in every walk of life (especially if that walk is down the tubes of the internet). What did these people want? Kills..duh. Who got kills the easiest kills? Int heroes with three nukes and a stun. Were these heroes fun to play? Not at all. But these people didn’t care, “I get hero kills, I’m awesome lulz.” LoL, on the other hand, makes a ton of new, interesting and unique characters with different play styles and mechanics. Also, new Heroes come out way more frequently in LoL than and DOTA so if there is a dud hero you just have to wait a few weeks for the next one. I would rather play Centaur Warchief over Ancient Apparition any day.
3. Passive Abilities
Around the same time as the int hero wave was ushered in passive abilities mysteriously started to become phases out. I think it was because passive abilities didn’t fit the three nukes and a stun model. Passive abilities were an integral part of DOTA and made for some of the most interesting interactions in the game. Now I do agree a passive ability may be a little “boring,” but LoL came up with a great solution that I hadn’t even considered. What if these passives that are a little stale also had an active component? Now that’s a great dynamic in it of itself and makes for great abilities like Tristana’s Explosive Shot or Jax’s Counter Strike. But Riot didn’t stop there; they took it a step further in the model shown by Bltizcrank’s Static Field. A passive that can be “turned off” in exchange for powerful effect. This leads to an interesting cost benefit analysis of is it worth losing a constant pretty good ability for a great one right now. This is similar to the summoner ability fortify. Is it worth saving a few tower hits to sacrifice a small but non-zero pushing potential? These abilities add layers of depth to passives instead of removing them completely as I feel happened in DotA.
I have a list of about 15 more things but these are the one I most wanted to talk about right now. What do you think? Am I just being a whiny nostalgia whore?

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    You’re a fucking dumbass.

  3. KingofGob says:

    Thank you. I’m glad you reminded me that people still enjoy my work :).

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