My First draft!

Posted: May 20, 2011 by Joshua Adam in General

Yay! I feel like a big kid now! This was kind of like the Bar Mitzvah of the League world, made all the better by that our team dominated. Couple things I want to point out:

1. Drafting is fun. I don’t especially care for that you have to be ranked, but drafting is loads more fun than blind pick. No duplicate champs means that teams are more varied and it brings a whole new level of depth to team comp (counter drafting, etc). My big complaint is that there is no unranked equivalent, I.E. no way to draft without gaining an ranking. Some champs are sort of meh in solo que and others become powerhouses in draft. I think mainly of strong counter picks–Olaf being by far the biggest “fuck you” jungle pick. Simply put, in a solo blind pick the game starts when the game loads up. A draft starts before the game has even loaded. I just wish there were a non-competitive draft (other than customs).

2. Team comp! My team: Urgot, Xin, Noct, Karth, Sivir. The other team? Alistar, Jax, Mundo, Teemo, Ez. Before the game even started, we had things on lockdown. Urgot’s ult + Noct’s ult = 1 free kill on Ezreal. Sivir can camp top lane all game, and Karthus with a bruiser to protect him is unfair. They surrendered because Noc was 7/1 and Karthus was 6/1… and had 12 Mejai stacks. Yikes.

3. Leaving… just confuses me. I won’t say I haven’t left a game before (I’ve only done so on extreme circumstances, like if my team is ignoring me or “reminding me” that I’m playing like shit) but it still bothers me that someone would waste both their time and nine other people’s time. At about the 18 minute mark, the other team’s Teemo left. Let me make this clear: leaves RUIN the game. They ruin the game for both sides. If you blatantly leave–and leave only because your team is doing poorly–you should stop playing LoL. And if you don’t… well, the tribunal is supposedly going to start up soon and hopefully force you to stop playing.

4. Don’t play Mundo. In Treeline go for it, but in Summoners Rift please don’t.

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