The Roshan Toss #2 – A Short on Backdooring

Posted: May 20, 2011 by kingofgob in General

So I may have had a little too much to drink last night, but I’m going to try and write a quick short this week.  I should be posting every Friday from now until I realize no one cares about my opinions. My first experience with backdooring was in an early DotA Allstars game when our team was ahead 10 or 15 kills, had a commanding lead in the game and was pushing for the win until their Fletch pops up in our base and killed our throne before we could kill theirs.  It just felt dirty.  The other team did not earn that win.  They won because they happened to have a hero that could kill buildings as fast as we could.  Just recently I experienced a similar case; our team was ahead in a very long game but couldn’t leave without Twisted Fate raping our base. Every time this happens it reaffirms my hatred for backdooring.  I refuse to do it and I hate when it happened to me.  Maybe this makes me a bad player but I don’t care.  That was until the Scroll of Town Portal was introduced.  It gave you a onetime use teleport to and would make buildings invulnerable for the duration of the cast.  I think this should implemented in LoL.  Now this new consumable would need significant restrictions  in order to not phase out fort/teleport so here are my suggestions:

1. You can only target buildings with this item.

This should not turn into the ganker’s paradise item; it should be used to protect towers.  No shenanigans with wards or creeps or mushrooms just towers and inhibitors (and I guess the nexus too).

2. The tower gets a recently protected debuff.

This debuff prevents that building from being protected by the item again for some period of time (say 60 seconds).  This would prevent chains of invincible towers as all five heroes pop in one by one.  This cooldown would not affect Fortify or any other tower protection effects.

3. The item should be relatively expensive and have an internal cooldown.

I would say around 400-600 gold would be fair (I have no real way to justify this, just intuition).  Also, a hero would only be able to teleport once every minute to prevent spam teleports.

4.  What if?

As I’ve been writing this an idea just hit me.  What if you had a choice to swap out recall like any other summoner spell and swap in this.  I have no idea how realistic or feasible that would really be, but I think it would be cool.  What do you think? Is backdooring just part of the game or should something be done?

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