The Tribunal Live!

Posted: May 22, 2011 by Joshua Adam in General

DDC said weekends can be free posting (he kind of corralled us bloggers on the site, for future reference) so I intend to do so.

First off, if you aren’t aware the tribunal is now live. I recommend you go to it, this is the most direct and immediate way to improve the LoL community.

Secondly… god damn, these cases are depressing. I’ve been fortunate enough to never have someone on my team (ranked or normal) that was even close to some of the cases I’ve had. Put it this way: I just reviewed a case of a guy who fed because he wasn’t given mid lane. And he did this twice. This isn’t even counting some of the other crap he pulled in the games I reviewed.

In all frankness, almost anyone who actually appears in the tribunal should probably get punished. If an entire team reports you I almost certainly don’t have to read the chat log, it’s pretty obvious. But, I–to my dismay–read the chatlog and that is usually what crushes my spirit. I feel feeders are the worst kinds of people in this game, but when teams respond with what can best be described as “colorful language,” those times I wish I could turn the tribunal on those people. Firstly, calling the guy who is a feeding a “nigger faggot” (I can say it, it’s in quotes and was said in one of the logs I read!) is going to accomplish very little (well, it may encourage him) but it’s also in really poor taste. Secondly, people being genuinely un-nice to other people is a bothersome trend that I hope will stop as the LoL community matures. Lastly, when you insult someone over the internet in such a way it makes you look like a moron, not clever or “edgy” or standing up for yourself. Just stop it if you are one of those people.

Otherwise, please, unless you want your fragile sensibilities protected, contribute and start doing daily tribunal cases. Who knows–maybe the fear of a ban might actually dissuade people (hah~!).

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