Randomsauce: Why everyone should try randoming

Posted: May 25, 2011 by thewoebringer in Champions, General

Even since the old times (DOTA) I have never been the player to sit on one hero. At heart I’m a randomer and I figure that out there somewhere there are other LOL players like me. So welcome to my new weekly (hopefully) post on the ins and outs of randoming. This week: Why randoming is good for all players to try.


Finding out how you like to play and matching a hero to it can go a long way to improving your performance in games. Whether you like to be aggressive or defensive, the main attraction or just a supporting player, the big team battler or the quiet ganker each style has a hero to go with it, and you’ll probably be happier playing that hero than another. Randoming helps you sift through heroes you’ve never played before to see whether or not you match up. Personally me and singed get along just fine, but I struggle sometimes to play an effective rammus tank.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, knowing how and what your opponents abilities do can be critical in determining how well you play against them. Randoming heroes is a good way to get a feel for how other heroes abilities work, and if you don’t like the hero, at least you know what their abilities do. This allows you to plan your builds and strategies against these heroes. For example when I first saw trindamere I thought his endless rage automatically went off, but its a click cast meaning silences, stuns and suppression can be used very effectively against him. Things like this allow you to be more informed and make better play decisions.

LEARNING (Different Kind)

After you learn how you like to play, learn the other ways to play too. There will be a situation that requires you to be able to play a different way and when that time comes if you don’t know how to do it you’re going to lose. If you like to play aggressive but you need to be defensive you’re going to get burned and then frustrated. Frustration only leads to worse play which makes you more frustrated. You see where this is going. Conversely being too defensive in a time that calls for aggression can cause your team/allies to lose fights they could have won with you there. Making THEM frustrated and leaving you to fend for yourself afterward. Randoming helps force play style shifts that will come in handy later.


Yes again. This time its for masteries and runes. Having a thorough knowledge of the mastery trees and the runes available to you can be the difference between a good hero and a great one. By randoming you’ll be constantly switching your masteries (less now thanks to the sweet new multiple mastery page system.) and rune loadouts. This will help later in the game as you near the high levels and the choices you make for masteries and runes make more of a difference. Especially when you’re doing something extremely stupid like jungling herperderper.

So basically what I’m saying is get out there and try new things. You might get frustrated, but when you get home to your favorite hero you’ll probably find yourself much better at playing him/her/it then before. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up like me, a hero randomer. Join me next week where we’ll talk about how to set yourself up for successful randoming. Also if you think of a better name for this column, I want to hear it. Post it in the comments.

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