Things that make me dodge or consider going AFK (Part 1?)

Posted: May 26, 2011 by Joshua Adam in General

If you have any common sense, you would do the same (blind pick or ranked–there will be some from both).

1. Jungler doesn’t take smite.

2. Instant lock Mordekaiser.

3. Team has two of any combination of the following champs: Eve, Twitch, Shaco.

4. Teammates insist that Mordekaiser should be banned.

5. Lane-Wick.

6. Shaco is going an AP build.

7. Your Blitzcrank can’t use skillshots.

8. Soraka doesn’t have clarvoyance.

9. Vlad or Mundo lock in with heal as a summoner ability.

10. You are playing a support, the enemy team has Mundo, teammates force you to take ignite.

11. “Don’t worry, I can dedicate tank as Garen.”

12.  Team captain feels Malphite is a good choice for ban.

13.  Ashe builds a Frozen Mallet.

14. Nunu builds a Rylai’s.

15. Rumble is still stacking Hextech Revolvers.

16. Ashe’s or Caitlyn’s  build doesn’t have an Infinity Edge in it.

17. Tank buys a Sunfire, Thornmail, and Warmogs before considering an Aegis.

18. Your Ezreal can’t hit skill shots.

19. The other team’s support is out-creeping your mid.

20. Your jungler dies to wolf camp.

21. Your tank is an “overzealous” Singed.

22. Ryze uses his rune prison on creeps.

23. The team actually let LeBlanc get 20 stacks.

24. Your Blitz can’t hit skill shots.

25. The team’s Nasus can’t last hit.

26. ^ But with Sion.

27. Enemy team has a Karthus and you are the only one that builds a Banshee’s.

28. Lee Sin can’t aim his ult… repeatedly.

29. Teammates are trying to solo the enemy Xin Zhao.

30. (Either team’s)Janna is out-creeping mid.

31. Insta-lock Yi.

32. Corki flatly refuses (and threaten’s afk) to 1v1 a lane.

33. Teemo flatly refuses to give up mid (threatening afk) to Corki.

34. That same Corki agrees with Teemo (both players threaten afk).

35. Blitz still can’t hit skill shots.

36. Team allowed Tryndamere to complete his build.

37. Amumu (frequently) kill steals with his ult.

38. Huehuehue

**More to come as I figure out more.**

  1. Gorgosch says:

    Several points make certain sense. But I do not get this one.

    Instant lock Mordekaiser.

    I am level 21 now. With IP could exactly bough one legend. This was after carefull consideration Mordekaiser.
    I have all the runes for him. A mastery that fits my playstyle. And I do my best to support my team in mid and endgame.

    I communicate and usually take mid, with great success. So why please is it bad to instant lock Mordekaiser?

    Since i am still looking for good team comp. I have no problem with a real tank beside me. I am fine with being the tank. Ususally I even think playing Morde ensures in random 5v5 that your team has a tank, that can surive at least couple of seconds.

    Currently i work in coop games on a second legend. For sure an AP or AD. Not yet sure. Preference go to Vayne.

    Second thought:
    The Karthus approach. Sounds really good. Haven’t thought about this yet. But it makes sense, and i will certainly go for it.
    Even though that with my 200mr on 3K life I usually does not have much problem with his ult.

  2. jisho23 says:

    Ok, there’s a couple reasons people tend to dislike Morde. The most obvious being he has an unidentifiable team role–he fills no real niche. Morde essentially forces his team to build around him.

    The second reason is in your response: MORDE. IS. NOT. A. TANK. In order for a tank to be successful a tank has to have some form of CC. He has no way to stop more mobile characters for going straight for your team’s carries. Even if we consider him a tank, compare him against other more powerful tanks: he’s easily outclassed by Shen, Alistar, Amumu, and even (I dare say it) a lane Nunu.

    And lastly, nothing against Morde. Just don’t insta lock or first pick him.

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