The Roshan Toss #3 – Teemo vs. Techies

Posted: May 27, 2011 by kingofgob in General

So originally I had planned to write about -EM in DotA and the arguments for and against implementing and easy mode in LoL, but today I lost to a AP Teemo so I’m a bit on tilt.  An AP freaking TEEEEMMMOOO.  So instead I want to talk about balance and an old DotA hero.  Goblin Techies was one of the most controversial and debated characters in DotA.  You either loved him or you hated him.  For the sake of this article we’ll ignore everything about Techies except one of his abilities Proximity Mines.  Proximity mines were very similar to Teemo’s shrooms; they were placed anywhere on the map and detonated when an enemy hero was unlucky enough to tread on them.  Was this fun to do: yes.  Was this fun to play against: no.  Most of the time a successful techies would never win a game it would just force rage-quit after rage quit until he won by default.

Is Teemo’s ultimate OP?  Let’s look at the anatomy of a Teemo mushroom and find out.  There are three main parts to the Teemo Mushroom: Damage, Slow and Sight.  Let’s look at each individually and discuss why these are so important.

The damage component of Teemo’s Mushroom is there and does occasionally get to finish off a hero.  I’ve been in so many games where people just mindlessly go into a bush while trying to recall only to hear “An ally has been slain.”  (Please if you are playing against a Teemo do not go into bushes unless you absolutely have to.  The damage is relatively small and happens over time so I feel this is a very fair part.

The slow is definitely annoying when you’re chasing and running away but honestly if you’re chasing a Teemo you’re already dead.  The slow on Teemo’s mushrooms will get his team kills and as Teemo’s ult it should be doing so.  I have no problem with the mushrooms slowing and think it’s a fun twist on the Goblin Techie mines.

The sight granted by a Teemo mushroom on the other hand is something I do take issue with.  A basic sight ward costs 75 gold and lasts for 3 minutes.  A teemo shroom is free and lasts for 10 minutes.  Let’s just say in a short 30 minute game Teemo gets to level 6 at 10 minutes and Teemo places just 1 mushroom every minute.  That’s 1500 gold over the course of that game in free wards alone and that’s not even half of the mushroom output a good Teemo player can have.  Just that fact alone would make Teemo shrooms powerful without any damage or slow component.

So the combination of these three components combine to be a very potent (and in my opinion, overly potent) combination.  Techies mines just did damage and was one of the most rageworthy heroes in the game of DotA. Yes techies mines did significantly more damage but the utility of a shroom is even more portent.  I would support and buff to Teemo damage if it was combined with a nerf to the vision given by mushrooms.

Fun to play annoying, to play against is one of the hardest things to deal with in games.  So there’s my rage.  Yea or nay on Teemo shrooms?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

  1. xenocidebrm says:

    Teemo mushrooms don’t grant 1/4 the sight that wards do – there’s really no comparison. The only detection they’re good for it if someone hits them, really. You can place a mushroom inside the door to dragon and still miss it if someone just walks around it.

  2. jisho23 says:

    Yeah, the sheer number combined with that they do damage, slow, and they are free, more than makes up for the lack of sight. You still need to ward the early game, but if Teemo is given enough time to set up the map control he gives is broken as fuck.

    What balances Teemo is that his ult is the only thing he really has…

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