The Importance of Consumables

Posted: May 29, 2011 by thewoebringer in Items

Since Sunday is a free day for postin’ I’m gonna snatch it up. Today’s topic as you might have already guessed is how important consumables are (hint: very). The fact of the matter is, so many people avoid getting them because of the negative feel they give off. “These are only temporary? I’m not buying that.” So lets start with an easy to quantify consumable: potions.

Potions are, in my opinion, one of the most important early game items when used appropriately. If you have left over gold after purchasing an item and you are before the 15 minute mark, buy AT LEAST THREE POTIONS. I cannot stress this enough. If you normally start with a doran’s item and it doesn’t have regen on it then seriously consider the benefits of that item. The potions may be better and here’s why through a small example.

The hero with the lowest base starting hp is lux at 345 and the highest is gangplank at 495. A single potion heals for 200 hp, meaning that at WORST a potion heals for 40 percent of your starting hp and at best 58 percent. 2 potions is one trip to the fountain averted which keeps you in lane and getting gold and experience. Not to mention if both players are harassing each other and one has potions and the other doesn’t. The potions give you a huge boost and there’s no reason to give that up unless you absolutely have to. Even if you end up buying 10 health potions you’re only setting yourself back 350 gold, thats not gonna make a dent in anyones build progress, let alone be significantly missed.

So why did I say the 15 minute mark? You still need potions after you go back once. Trust me. Even if you end up not using them sell em back for half and lose a paltry amount of gold. Potions open up so many options for a player. Try them, you will love them. Now lets talk about wards.

I know what your thinking, your all “Well I’m down for the potion thing but wards? They cost twice as much and they do nothing but give me sight. I ain’t on board for this.” Wrong sir. Wards are information and information is power. Proper placement of wards can prevent baron and dragon, stop ganks, set up ganks and shut down stealth characters. Buying wards and warding the river bushes can work wonders when characters start to roam and a laning stealth character will be in for a big surprise when you drop a sight ward. Now the player who is most responsible for warding is your jungler, then your tank, then carries but if no one is doing it, take the hit for your team. You’ll be happy you did and so will your team.

The key part here is appropriate use of the wards and potions. Wards are a little more tricky, but generally on the corners of bushes, river, baron and dragon are always good. Try these out and as you get better with them you should see a marked improvement in your play. Happy hunting.

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