Why Mordekaiser Sucks

Posted: June 2, 2011 by Joshua Adam in General

This is the title of my post because I want to make people angry. I assure you, the rest will be fairly muted and tame.

Let me get this out of the way: In treeline Mordekaiser is a beast, especially since if he manages to land his ultimate it usually results in a game ending push. Most of all, Mordekaiser’s early game is strong and Treeline games (good ones) seldom go past the 35 mark, aka when Morde is in his prime. This is his map, its where he belongs, and its where he’s king.

Rift, on the other hand… not so much. He’s very commonly considered to be a good character which is something that at this point continues to baffle me. People regularly concede on a character like Mundo, yet Mundo has many of the same exact problems at Morde (actually even more… at least Mundo has the brush clearing cleaver that also slows). So I’m going to break this down as best I can as to why I feel he–frankly–sucks.

One of the biggest problems with the character isn’t even his fault. Its the players that build him. Let me make this clear: Mordekaiser. Isn’t. A. Tank. He’s not, plain and simple. A good tank has to have the following: a good solid initiate and a good solid form of CC. Morde has neither. People stack armor and HP items on assuming that pure survivability makes a good tank. It doesn’t. And, for the sake of argument, lets consider him a tank: Would you rather have Mordekaiser tank over Alistar, Shen, Amumu, Malphite, and–yes, for all the haters who underrate a pretty decent champion–Maokai? And if you answered yes than you are wrong. This isn’t a matter of opinion: those other characters are better at tanking than Mordekaiser.

Mordekaiser’s REAL team role purely as tanky DPS to a potential carry. And guess what? In those roles he’s still hopeless outclassed by… well, nearly every tanky DPS and carry. Obviously in tanky DPS he’s hardly the powerhouse that Xin is (I’m gonna throw Renekton, Jarvan, and Irelia into the mix as well), and as a carry he simply scales too poorly to carry into a late game.

To his credit, though, his early game damage output is really strong. So strong that if the enemy is stupid they usually end up dead. He does have the reusable, temporary, shield as a passive, and the base damage of his ability is strong enough that early on he can overcome crap rations. So, unless there is another character that does essentially the same thing as Morde he should be playable…

Mordekaiser, meet Rumble. Why do I make this comparison? The main reason is that they both play and fill a nearly identical roll. They are both somewhat tanky, both have a reusable shield, nearly identical base stats, and spam spells all day (that do decent base damage) with no mana cost. Here’s the difference: Rumble is far better at zoning and catching that Mordekaiser. Rumble has a free speed buff and his slow off the harpoon–essentially a weaker duplicate of Nunu’s combo. To boot, Rumble’s ult–if placed correctly–can be a huge boon in a teamfight. Stacked with a Rylais, his ultimate can act as an AOE slow. Am I saying Rumble should always be played? No (because he’s also kind of sub-par), but he should be played over Mordekaiser.

I’m not yet done knocking this champ though…

The main reason I despise Mordekaiser? He’s a hog. Putting it frankly: if you lane with him, say goodbye to last hits. In team fights: say goodbye to kills. THIS even the player can’t help. By pure design, Mordekaiser is a walking AOE. If he doesn’t spam spells then he’s being useless. But, by being useful he can ironically hurt a team. In a solo lane, he can’t help but push the lane and then leave himself open to be denied EXP by the enemy tower or–even worse–ganked. In a duo lane, he either uses his spells to get a last hit or he gets no last hits–but by doing so he pushes the lane and can actually deny his lane mate. What is my point here? Mordekaiser’s score may look fantastic on paper… but as a teammate he can actually do far more harm than good. And even with all the farm he may accumulate, he can still be kited and CCed all day.

In short: please don’t play Mordekaiser. Yes, he can be good, but if you are taking a game seriously (or god forbid ranked) he’s an exceedingly poor choice of champion.

  1. atenthirtyone says:

    Before Rumble, Mordekaiser was a champion whose ultimate allowed a team fight going in favor of your team to snowball into a really good victory in the fight. However, Rumble who is pretty much Mordekaiser v2.0 does everything that Mordie can better. Rumble even has a skillshot slow which actually helps his team, and his ultimate can turn the tides of team battles.

    Personally, I feel Mundo is a stronger Rift champion that Mordekaiser because of his cleaver which is a great poke that is very spammable (% of your current HP + respectable damage). Also, the way Mundo is, encourages far more tanky items without sacrificing too much damage. However, Rumble just seems to out-class both of them.

    TL;DR Rumble is a better version of Mordekaiser and Mundo in 5s. Argue? Come at me, bro.

  2. Gorgosch says:

    Hi Jisho,

    thanks for the analysis. Many of the point are quite true.

    Ususally I go midlane. Can easily push the opponent behind his tower most of the time.
    I have to get wards early to prevent gangs.

    With MIA messages I usually get not caught.
    If mid opponent will not get help I almost always get their tower down first. Either ith my damage of pure minion damages.

    Still i will follow your tips and go for other champs and stay with morde: just for fun.

    I will try out Nunu next. And see how it works.

  3. jisho23 says:

    Nunu is a fantastic champ and one of my favorites.

    Also, don’t push midlane unless you know you can get an advantage. Midlane is the easiest of the lanes to gank if pushed–even with early wards there are ways to run around them (through your jungle, etc). Usually, its actually better to last hit and allow the enemy to push a lane. If the enemy has pushed your lane, it can usually result in an easy gank and free harass (they can’t hit you back if there is a tower that will retort).

  4. This Site is stupid says:


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