Randomsauce: Setting Up for Random Success

Posted: June 8, 2011 by thewoebringer in General, Guides

Well after a week off here we go again. Last time I discussed why it was important for all summoners to try out randoming your heroes. This week is how to set yourself to win, or at least perform admirably. To start I’m going to break it down into two broad camps, the first is the mindset, the second is the mechanics.

The Mindset

The first thing you need to do is lower your expectations. Do not expect to come out of the gate a god among men (or women). You may do very well on your first game with a hero, but chances are your going to need to iterate a bit and play a few times with it. The goal the very first time you random a hero is to play averagely. If you manage that, you’re doing great and hell if you do better than it’s just that much better. Second you need to read every ability the hero has. When we get to deciding how to pick you’re abilities this will be essential. I suggest doing it as soon as you get the hero, before the game starts. Third try to ascertain what type of hero you’ve got IE AD carry, AP carry, Tank, Support, Etc. as a general genre will give you a starting point for a build. Finally be malleable. This means DO NOT set anything in stone. If your build isn’t working be willing to shake it up. Be willing to try new abilities. Seriously, do not just decide at level one what abilities your getting for the next 7 levels. Once you’ve got the mindset down you can move into the mechanics.

The Mechanics

So here’s where we get down to the grit. If you are a higher level, I would recommend building at least 5 pages of masteries. The ones I currently have are AD carry page, AP carry page, Support Page, Tank page and a Jungling page. All my pages have at least 8 points in utility for the XP boost masteries. I feel they are absolutely necessary. It takes 19720 experience to reach level 18 in a game. Taking the experience boost masteries gives you 986 of that each game. It also gets you there faster which is the real importance. To get to that you can see I usually take three points in perseverance and one in good hands but any combination of those two is fine. I also like to throw an extra point into the gold, feel free to take it out, I’m a greedy punk. In addition, most of the time I’m using ignite now but that point in cripple is devastatingly good. If you are using exhaust put a point in cripple no matter what. Now these pages aren’t optimized for everyone, but I do feel they give you the ability to play decently almost any hero in the game, which is what we’re aiming for here.

Next were going to look at runes. Now let me put this disclaimer, this is going to be more preference than power. As runes are generally a way of maxing out a character trying to find an “optimal” rune build for random is going to be more art then science if you know what I mean.The rune build I’d go with is here. The quints will give 6% experience and every hero loves experience. This boosts you to 11% overall which is roughly 1900 of your total experience. I’ve mixed the seals, marks and runes to try and balance out the output of survivability you get from the page. You get roughly 11 armor and magic resist as well as 2.5 regen per 5 on your health. This is to let you stay in lane longer while you figure out your hero. If your struggling, it will smooth out that rocky start a bit and if your not it should give you an early game advantage to help you snowball.

Summoner spells are kind of a weird thing. Here, it’s more guidelines than actual rules, but if you keep in mind these things you’ll probably be okay. Don’t take revive, you don’t want to be dead, you shouldn’t be dead, revive is not useful. If you are jungling take smite. It speeds up your jungle and helps prevent/enable stealing. I almost always take flash, it is very good, if not flash, some form of escape spell. I usually take either ignite or exhaust if I want some kills, if you get a carry try and take one. Heal is generally for support only, please do not take it otherwise. Clarity tapers off really hard late game, if you can get around your mana issues some other way, don’t take it. Clairvoyance is better than it seems, if you take it, use it often. If stuns wreck your hero, or you are going to be the initiator, cleanse can be used very effectively as ripping off the cc can mess up an enemy team.  Fortify is a neat one trick pony, but I feel the slot can be better used with another spell. I have only had one experience with rally ever, both allied and enemy, I have no comment on it.

Finally we get to picking your actual abilities, and this is where that mindset comes back in. You want to prioritize how your picking your abilities based on three things. How well does it help me farm? How well does it help me harass? How well does it keep me alive? These three things are the basis of your choices. For example a spell with a hard stun on a single target will help you harass pretty well, might keep you alive in a pinch but is probably pretty terrible for farming. An aoe burst can probably harass and farm but not keep you alive. You should pick your spell based on your expected needs. Don’t be afraid to not pick until you see the enemy heroes in your lane. If their going to be easy to farm against, you want to pick a spell that will let you do that best. If you need to harass them, pick that annoying cc or high single target damage spell. If you need to outlast them, pick something to keep you alive. In addition when in doubt you can do the q-w-e 1 of each strategy and try out each spell.

Well that is it for this week. Join me next week when we discuss more specifically each type of hero you can random and what to do to make it a success. If you have a specific type of hero you want to see first, post a comment. If you have a better name for this column, post a comment. If you hate/love me and are going to kill/sex me, post a comment. Also I’d like to thank mobafire and lol wiki for making my life easier.

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