The Roshan Toss #5 – Would -EM Work In LoL?

Posted: June 10, 2011 by kingofgob in General

Short Answer: Maybe Kinda

Long Answer:

For those who don’t know -EM was a mode added to DotA in its later development and was short for Easy Mode.  DotA games would usually last 40+ minutes and I remember several games going over 90 (no not over 9000).  Easy mode would lower the health and damage of towers as well as increase the experience and gold gains throughout the game.  This resulted in much shorter, more hero kill orientated games and lane pushing.  While many LoL games do go 40+ minutes there are a few reasons why I don’t believe a -EM mode would work in League of Legends.

1. Tower Dives

One major facet that -EM added to the game of DotA was the ability for pretty much every character in the game to tower dive at level one.  This is already an option for many characters in LoL and happens very often in pub games.  Weakening towers and increasing the rate of Xp will only increase the frequency tower dives happen.  You may completely disagree with what I’m about to say but hear me out: early game tower dives are not good for the game.  Are they fun? Yes.  But they encourage people to play chaotic stupid.  Towers in the early game should be forces not to be reckoned with.  There should be situations where a well executed tower dive is effective but adding an easy mode would only exacerbate people’s tendencies to get greedy near towers and encourage risky play.

2. Runes and Masteries

Runes and masteries already have the increased experience gains covered.  There is no reason to add an additional fast track to Xp.  I feel the pace of leveling is pretty spot on an LoL and if you add too much variance to the way Xp is gained early game heroes will feel incredibly underpowered while late game caries and the heroes with scaling problems like NoElo favorite Morde will become more powerful.  This shift would throw a major monkey wrench into the otherwise generally well balanced game.

3. /Surrender

This is my main reason for why -EM would not be good for LoL.  The one defense I did have for -Em was it meant games you were getting rolled in would end quicker, but LoL has another, better solution.  If you’re getting rolled you can end the game when your team deems it’s over.  There’s no reason to fundamentally change the game if there is already a system in place to handle it.

With all that being said I think Riot still could add a -EM mode to LoL but I think it would have to be a totally separate queue and would have to be non-ranked

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