Being a Team Player

Posted: June 22, 2011 by thewoebringer in General, Metagame

Today’s article is about team play and how to be better at it. You can be a great LoL player and not be a good team player. This makes everyone on your team frustrated and usually makes you lose. Oddly enough, LoL has a distinct lack of team play for a variety of reasons. Lets look at not only the pitfalls but also what you can do to become a better team player.

Don’t be the Egoist

So you’re doing pretty well and you’ve got the most kills on your team. The laning phase comes to a close, and people start to group up. You can’t do it all by yourself. Communicate where you are going and why. Quite often a player gets overconfident and overextends, or decides they can take that 2v1. This type of attitude almost always leads to failure. Carrying means helping your team win team fights and pushing down lanes, if your not accomplishing either and putting yourself at risk seriously consider how you are helping the team. In addition, don’t be that person who only comes in once there are kills to be had. Great you’re 20-2 but you let 2 people die before you engage to be sure you’re getting those kills. It’s fine to delay in order to not die too quickly but you know when you’re waiting to snipe kills and when you’re engaging with the team.

Don’t be the Loner

It’s fine to farm but if you are never with the team you are doing something wrong. Similar to the egoist the loner likes to “go their own way” so to speak. Pushing lanes solo into dangerous territory while the entire enemy team is up is going to earn you a ton of deaths. In addition if the enemy team is barreling down on your base please don’t be creeping the jungle or farming. It’s not helping anyone, not even you because soon you will be teamless and will be doing it all by yourself.

Don’t be the General

The general is the nickname for the player who tries to micro manage everyone else’s play. Buy this item now, take the lane, get your q first dude what are you doing. Helpful suggestions are okay but don’t try and play everyone else’s hero too. The general also has a nasty habit of coming up with plans that aren’t executable or extremely vague. Guy’s we need to push down a tower now or doing baron while the enemy team is up. If you want to lead, be specific in your plans, be flexible if it’s not working, and never ever call for baron if the other team is up unless you’re going to lose anyway if you don’t get it.

Do Listen for Help

Too often in this game we jump straight to “OMG this kid sucks what a noob”. Instead try and figure out whats happening. A bad matchup of heroes can make early laning terrible, but a quick switch can easily fix the problem. If you see someone die twice early up top, offer to switch or gank. It’s your fault too if you see a problem developing and you just shout “Stop dieing noob.” A fed character isn’t good for anyone on the team, so try not to berate the player because that isn’t going to help you win. Too often when someone even asks for help people are unwilling to switch.

Do Buy the Consumables

“Buy wards bro.” “No you buy wards.” This attitude runs rampant as soon as someone suggests they need more wards. I have previously discussed how important they are and the hierarchy of who should buy them but if no ones doing it, consider taking that hit for the team. Sure you’re losing a bit of gold but those wards will probably pay for themselves rapidly in lives saved/ganks achieved. Plus 5 wards is 375 gold, it’s not going to set you back too much.

Do Spread the Love Around

If you can, let other people get some kills. It’s better to have two people with ten kills than one with twenty. One person can easily be focused down in a fight but if more than one person has gotten farther along in their build you’ll do a lot better in the long run. Now this applies when your assured kills, make sure you’re not just letting a person get away because you’re trying to redistribute the wealth.

Do Keep Your Awareness Up

Calling MIA’s is pretty standard Lol protocol. However, it is your responsibility to do a little bit more. First, watch that minimap. People try to call mias all the time, but sometimes they miss it being aware lets you avoid bad situations. Second, watch your lane even when you’re not in it. Quite often you’ll see that if everyone from a lane leaves, the lane basically becomes invisible. You need to keep up that awareness so that no one gets ganked while you and you’re partner are out gallivanting around the map. Finally, help people in a bind. Holding someones lane for them while they go back is something that isn’t done enough in Lol. Sometimes it’s unnecessary, but other times its crucial. In addition if you are in a double lane stagger your returns to base. This prevents a quick smash and run on your tower early. It’s far too easy to say “I’m going b, when I get back you go b”, to not do it.

As a final thought, it’s pretty easy to determine if your being a team player or not. Just keep these two questions in mind, “How is this helping my team win?” and “Can I be helping better some other way?”. If you can’t answer the first question, you’re doing something wrong. If your answer to the second question is not nothing, your doing something wrong.

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