Junglo Shaco & Lvl 1 Team Fight Observations

Posted: June 26, 2011 by Joshua Adam in General

This has a bit of backstory:

Playing a game last night, our team had  jungle Shaco. After relentless pinging the team went to blue to protect shaco. One of us gets hit with a Mundo cleaver. Logic indicates the following: Don’t leave Shaco alone, especially when they had several exhausts. Needless to say, I stayed in the brush (rest of the team ran to their lanes) watching him do blue. As you guess, the minute blue got within smite range a Yorick and Mundo rushed him–and Shaco has no flash. You can imagine he died quickly. The good news: bot lane Karma caught on and we traded 2 for 1. Bad new: Shaco blamed me for his death. He said the exp loss he took meant he couldn’t get his deceive (never mind that killing the blue golem doesn’t give you lvl 2… you have kill the smalls creeps well).

So here’s just a little bit of “no shit” advice: 1, Shaco is the easiest jungler to interrupt–you can just run in, pop his boxes and he’s set back by a couple minutes. If you don’t protect jungle Shaco then you will have dead-weight on your team for a good 10 minutes.

2, if your jungler is going for blue and you are well aware the other team is going to attempt a steal: DON’T LEAVE. I’m sorry, but hitting level 2 is not worth giving up that buff. Frequently, if I’m unsure of where the team is (or worse: only mid is helping me with leash) I’d much rather be behind in EXP than give FB and blue.

3, don’t be afraid of a level 1 teamfight but don’t also be stupid about it. If your team has even 1 hard CC or one good lvl 1 burst then you can very easily rape the early game–and if you have Alistar the other team may as well just give up. Most of all, if you move around like a wolfpack in the very beginning and steal blue you have a potentially easy gank on top or mid.


TLDR; Protect Shaco at all costs, try and stay together as a group pre-creeps.

  1. OhThePandasCan says:

    Did you try telling them to stay and your reasoning behind it?

    • jisho23 says:

      If you want a little more backstory:

      I was queuing with my friends Elliot and Corey. They both agreed afterward that yeah–I was correct and we should have stayed and babysat Shaco. Top lane also conceded that we should have stayed. Corey, who was playing Karma, realized what was happening and bolted from bot lane and cut the two players on the other team off. It ended up working out alright (we lost FB, but were ahead in kills and regained the blue). If memory serves Shaco actually did tell us all to leave but I refused to because it was so obvious that they were waiting to steal.

      More to the point was that Shaco felt it was my fault NOT because I failed to protect him (I didn’t have equilibrium strike, give me a break) but because I sapped EXP from him. Consider he didn’t even get to kill the two small creeps, he got rushed and chain exhausted before he had the chance. If I had just left him to his own devices, we would have lost FB and blue.

      In the end: we won the game, so no harm no foul.

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