How To Duo Queue

Posted: July 2, 2011 by Joshua Adam in General

If you have voice chat (vent, mumble, skype, etc) take full advantage.

Actually, I find sometimes queuing as a duo is easier than larger groups because it’s easier to communicate–it can be hard to bark orders or listen to suggestions from 4 people as opposed to 1. That said, be very very smart about what you guys do for lane phase. Frankly, the best possible thing to do is one person takes a ranged DPS or good melee, the other a support.

This does a number of great things: firstly, it locks up a lane perfectly. Usually, if you have direct communication with a support or DPS carry it prevents poorly executed dives and makes sure you guys are coordinating. Basically, it stops you from being stupid.

Secondly, it allows for a support character to be a viable choice in a solo queue setting (as opposed to arranged). No question, in solos support characters are gimped because its hard to be effective at supporting with a lack of communication. If they have a specific person to support in the lane phase, however, it almost always results in an early tower.

You can do other variations… no reason an AP can’t take a duo lane. Either way, don’t try to split up if you have the advantage of direct communication. And any player that has good sense will always allow this to happen (provided the choices for lane make sense).

So far, I’m finding Alistar and Sona to be the veritable GODS of this type of queuing. Especially in Alistar’s case since he can very easily misread harass as “go in for the kill” leaving the DPS out in the cold. Almost any ranged DPS loves this too, especially Vayne since she benefits from the early advantage this can grant.

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