I don’t always post*…

Posted: July 3, 2011 by xenocidebrm in Champions, General, Metagame

but when I do, it’s awesome. Today we’re doing a mini-post on the recent nerfs to my two favorite champs, Malzahar and Vladimir, and why I’m completely okay with this. For starters, we’re talking about patch, released on 06-21-2011.

Malzahar had become AP for the lazy; farming was a set and forget, his ult could pick one champion and kill them, and his pool was too simple to use. Two things were affected in the patch – his pool and his ultimate. The ultimate had its AP ratio reduced from 1.5 to 1.3. Think about that. That’s pretty decent, considering most “good” AP ratios are somewhere around .8. It still suppresses like a boss, and can force people to sit in your pool. Unfortunately, the pool also had its base and scaling damage reduced, but to balance that out, it got three seconds knocked off of the cooldown, which is pretty nice. Overall, the nerfs really don’t hurt his playstyle that much, which is to zone hard early game, contribute some CC and damage to team fights, and to totally remove one champ from the fight.

Vladimir is still as much of a steamroller as ever, and is even less of a liability prior to level seven. The only nerf that he recieved was an additional second of cooldown at the max level of Transfusion. The power of transfusion was rebalanced so that early levels do more damage and later levels do slightly less. Because Vlad should really only be having trouble at the early levels of Transfusion, I view this as a net buff. 20 base damage at level five of an ability matters much less than 20 base damage at level one, because at level five, AP is the majority of your damage anyway. He did get a “nerf” in the re-balancing of Hextech Revolver, which had its spell vamp reduced by 5% and made unique; while the reduction by 5% sucks, the unique passive is completely justified and removes a lot of troll builds with Vlad.

*Basically, some real-life stuff has me writing for other things about 6 hours a day, 7 days a week. So when weekends come, I don’t really feel like writing a whole lot more. That said, I plan on contributing some more video tutorials to the Youtube channel to try to remain active.

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