Your Playstyle: Looking at Your Best Tools

Posted: July 4, 2011 by atenthirtyone in General

Almost a month ago, I posted an article regarding looking at what champions you tend to play the most, and trying to diversify what the types of roles you typically fill in a team. In this article, we will do something quite similar at looking at your tool box. However, we will focus on your best champions. Hopefully, the point of this article is will help you analyze your playstyle and its strengths through champions that you would consider to be your best if you really wanted to win a game. So answer these questions to yourself or discuss it with your buddies.

  • What is your best three champions in League of Legends?
  • Why do you like them so much?
  • How do you tend to play them?

I will analyze both myself, as well as my fellow writer and bro, xenocidebrm in this article as we both have relatively distinctively different playstyles and champion role preferences. First, we will take a look at his top champions (according to him):

Malzahar – Despite receiving AP ratio nerfs, Malzahar is still a very strong solo laner with great sustainability through the mana recovery mechanics of Malefic Visions. Oh, and it’s hilariously how good Malefic Visions is for helping get last hits on minions.  In addition, Malzahar can force a lot of pressure in his lane during the early game although keeping himself at a safe distance with his abilities, especially with Call of the Void’s silencing effect. He becomes especially dangerous when he acquires his ultimate, Nether Grasp at level 6. Malzahar is a champion that punishes enemy solo laners that don’t respect how dangerous his zoning and combos are. While, Malzahar is a champion that remains strong throughout the entire game, although his lack of survivability (outside of items and summoner spells) makes him reliant on his team after the laning phase.

Vladmir – The snowballing pile of blood that is Vladmir. He is also another solo lane star which even more sustainability due to fact that he relies only on health to cast abilities, and his core ability, Transfusion, which heals him. Once Vladmir reaches reaches around level 8 or so, his Transfusion’s cooldown becomes low enough to become a lane harassing beast. Vladmir is also fanastic at clearing lanes with his Sanguine Pool, but more importantly Tides of Blood. Finally, his Sanguine Pool, is simply amazing for GTFOing. Oh, and his ultimate. Hemoplague makes its targets take 14% more damage until the delayed damage ticks, which is a fight changer.

Soraka – One of the best support champions in the game with a great global healing ultimate, Wish. Wish is great and allows your team across the map to win fights that normally would lose, or survive things that would normally kill them (U MAD, Karthus?). Oh, and Soraka is a great babysitter with Infuse. Infuse allows her to either become a solid mana battery or be quite annoying with those free silences. Astral Blessing is also a solid singe target heal that helps negate a burst ability due to it’s solid AP ratio and bonus armor buff. One more thing, Starcall. Seriously, that ability’s stacking debuff is surprisingly good in drawn out team fights. Overall, Soraka is a great duo laner support champion that relies on giving her team a lot of sustainability.

The immediate thing that we notice here is that xenocidebrm is an AP player. From personal experience, he tends to favor champions that are based on AP rather than AD. In addition, he likes to play characters that are great laners (Malzahar and Vladmir for solos, or Soraka for babysitting bottom). These three characters all have something in common – sustainability and pressure. This is true even for Soraka, whom by herself isn’t a lot of threat. However, she does enable her laning partner to play a lot more aggressive than normal since she can heal and give mana to them right back. As for his other two main champions, Malzahar and Vladmir, these are champions that on average would beat their champions in the lane, and at worst go even on farm. They both can snowball quite well as AP carries. Vladmir more so although Malzahar is more consistent in strength.

Now, we will take a long at my three champions. I have done analysis on these three champions before so I will write about how I play and feel about them, rather than look at them as champions. They can be found here.

Alistar – Alistar was one of the first champions that I ever brought, and my first tank that I decided to play with. Initially, I used to go straight tanking items with him, and only really ever purchased a Sheen to give him a little more burst. I focused on giving my team better positions and control through the usage of his Pulverize and Headbutt. After a while, I experimented adding damage items with him but it wasn’t until his revision patch that I go heavy AP on Alistar. Even after his ratios were nerfed, I still go AP. As Dreamhack as shown, AP carry Alistar is no joke. Nowadays, I always build Alistar like an other AP carry at the beginning of the game. My core items on him include Deathcap, Lichbane, and tier two boots. After that, I either build more AP or start with tank items depending on the situation. Giving Alistar gives him a lot more sustainability because now his heal actually can well… heal. As for playing him, I generally prefer solo lanes with him since I want the farm. I also tend to play quite aggressively by leveling and spamming Headbutt quite a bit to harass the enemy laner. I pretty much rely on the fact that I can burst hard and I can generally outlast my opponents through Triumphant Roar and his ultimate, Unbreakable Will. Also, I farm really hard with his Pulverize, and passive, Trample. Overall, I play Alistar as an AP carry that serves well enough as a tanky initiator. Finally, golden skin Alistar is best Alistar.

Cho’gath – This is my go to tank when I really want to win a game. In my opinion, Cho’gath is the tank with the best overall farming and lane sustainability potential. His passive, Carnivore is simply lulzy when you’re in a solo lane and the enemy tries to harass you as you will just get health and mana back when you last hit. While, Cho’gath is a bit weak in the early levels, he really picks up once he is around level 6. This is due to the fact that Cho’gath can now fully threaten people with his ultimate, Feast. I’m actually pretty boring with Cho’gath as all I do is farm all day in my lane, and punish laners when they get too close. With his Vorpal Spikes, I feel pretty confident in out farming my opponent most of the time (and a lot of the times, everyone else in the game). Also, for some reason, people tend to actually follow me in team fights when I’m Cho’gath, and we win it more often than not due to my plethora of aoe crowd control and burst damage. Pretty much that’s it – I farm really hard and I tank in team fights.

Singed – I farm. I farm really fucking hard on Singed and that’s all I do. Rarely does my Singed gets out-farmed in creep score if  I’m in a solo lane. I run around the map like an idiot (I go with Ghost and Teleport) clearing entire waves of minion with Poison Trail and pushing towers, and that’s all I do. Well, I guess except for pushing over extending players with Fling and Mega Adhesive.

First of, most of my favorite champions are generally tanky if not outright tanks. I really enjoy the role of tank, providing crowd control and creating favorable team fight conditions for my team. However, I also love farming all day every day on the lane. Characters like Cho’gath and Singed are extremely good at that job. Both are very tough to push out as they can clear minion waves very fast and can last in the lane for a long time (especially with Cho’gath). Those are the reasons why I like them so much. As for my personal playstyles… I do tend to play Alistar a lot less tanky as I treat him more as an AP carry with a bit less sustained damage but comes with great crowd control and toughness. As for Cho’gath and Singed, I tend to build items as a reponse to my enemy teams. The only items I would always build on them would be Rod of Ages and Merc Treads. Outside of that, I will never stick to one item build as I believe tanks should build in reaction. I generally focus on farming as I generally can outlast most people I have played so far. As for aggression, it’s generally limited to pokes and little harassment. I rely on my enemies to over-extend or my jungler to create an opening on me for an attempted champion kill. While, I tend to play tanks for the team fights, I hate playing for a 5v5 team fight. I always try to create a team fight where we have either better numbers or better positioning. Unless my team is significantly stronger, I rather split push or bait the enemy team into favorable fights for us.

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