Why Hotshot is good for LoL

Posted: July 8, 2011 by Joshua Adam in General

So I finally managed to catch Hotshot’s (HotshotGG for the uninformed) stream. Prior to now, all I’ve known about him is through his sarcastic (and mostly inflammatory) forum comments. I’d seen him play, but never on his livestream. And let me tell you, HotShot’s stream is the single most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen within the realm of livestreaming games.

Obviously, many people watch to see the inevitable “melt down” and “raaaaaaaage.” It does happen, but that just makes him an average LoL players–par for the course. What makes him so much better then every stream, cast, etc. is that he actually messes and interacts with the viewers. And it goes a long a way. Compared to how clumsy and awkward the DreamHack livestream was, and how dull most streams tend to be, Hotshot makes it seem easy. He’s definitely a good player (certainly not the best) but the real reason you are watching is because he’s outright fun to watch.

I’m not necessarily saying we need “celebrities” in the game, but it does help. HotshotGG may very well be the John McEnroe of competitive LoL–a fantastic player, that is not quite the best, but one who makes up for it by being entertaining. I highly recommend, if you get the chance to, watch his stream whenever its actually on.

  1. OhThePandasCan says:

    I didn’t really enjoy his stream; I didn’t see that much skill from him. My fave right now is The Rain Man. Yes, he rages as well but it’s quite funny because he is somewhat charismatic. He does interact with his fans as well. He did an all random all mid at the request of fans on his chat.

    • Gorgosch says:

      Would be nice, if you could include the link to the livestream also in this article.

      Today i am only aware of this own3dtv.com

  2. jisho23 says:

    Yeah, its his stream on own3dtv. And yeah, OTPC, you are not going to get better watching Hotshot’s stream, but the fact that he’d fake “quit the game” and start playing “Eden Eternal” is pretty fantastic.

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