The Soft Reset and You!

Posted: July 13, 2011 by Joshua Adam in General

Okay, to get this out of the way: technically Riot should do a hard reset. Its been pointed out all over the place that always, between seasons, an elo rating usually reset. That is correct… in theory. In reality, we should be grateful that we are being given a soft reset.

Firstly, I am someone who is an Elo Atheist. I don’t believe or subscribe to ELO hell. Its been proven time and time again that the best players will be able to pull themselves out of the dreaded 1000-1400 range and stop themselves from falling bellow it. Since I believe everyone ends up in the ELO the belong in, why would I want people who are way below my rating and–frankly, even worse–people who are waaay above me playing in the same game? Those that have fallen victim to “ELO Hell” will, of course, scream foul play since they are not responsible for their rating… in their mind, why not have a hard reset? Those people are wrong and should be ignored: they want a hard reset for the wrong reasons.

I’m saying this as a fact: playing ranked during the following weeks after a hard reset would have been a nightmare. And just imagine all the high elo players duo queuing, low ELO players purposefully sabotaging well known competitive players… If you thought people complained about ELO hell before… The soft reset will, for the most part, preserve the status quo keeping match making as close to as balanced as it can. It will prevent the nightmare scenario I just mentioned.

What this soft reset will do is normalize the ratings within certain divisions. How do I figure? It will push players toward certain groups of ELO ratings (or as Riot said, certain milestone values). This will keep the stronger players together, the weaker players together, and those in middle will still–as per usual–fall one way or the other. This will create an ad-hoc tier system. And, as in a tier system a la Starcraft 2, you do have the potential to move up or down, not the static “ELO Hell” that detractors claim.

Yadda yadda yadda, don’t complain about a soft reset. The soft reset is for everyone’s own good.

  1. damndirtycat says:

    Being an ELO atheist means that you don’t believe in ELO at all. I think you mean you’re an ELO equitist as opposed to an ELO equalist, the former being someone who believes in equality of opportunity and the latter being someone who believes in equality of outcome.

    I have a lot of criticism about the soft reset and my feelings are that it should be a hard reset. Although I have a lot of points that I’d want to bring up about this, I’m going to limit myself to one question here. You say that the soft reset will preserve the status quo. Why is this a good thing for League of Legends?

    • jisho23 says:

      There is a very good answer: a hard reset is equally a punishment for high ELO as it is a punishment for low ELO. By keeping the status quo (not so much status quo but the general rating of each players skill) will prevent low ELO players from getting stomped and discouraged and prevent high ELO players from wasting their time. Therefore, the reason this is good is because it will keep the game competitive.

  2. damndirtycat says:

    But if high ELO players keep their ELOs, if we assume that a new player is a rising star among LoL and that they play the same number of games as the people in the highest ELO, then this player will never be able to reach the top ever. This soft reset, in effect, creates an undeniably visible ELO heaven/hell in Season 2. Are you okay with this? It seems poisonous to the competitive scene if the same high ELO players are allowed to keep their enormous scores while low or medium ELO players are kept down just from the volume of games played by the top ELO bracket, as opposed to the skill within the games themselves.

    • jisho23 says:

      Thats actually a good point: ELO is tied very strongly to the sheer number of games played. I actually don’t know what the math is going to be there or what riot will do regarding that.

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