The Roshan Toss #8.5 – Skins I Would Buy

Posted: July 15, 2011 by kingofgob in General

My killsteal series will continue next week sorry.  This week a short on skins that would make me buy a lot more riot points.

Lttle Orphan Annie:  How don’t they have this one already?  Red hair Annie and a Daddy Warbucks Tibbers=Win

Panda Bear Gragas:  He’s the Pandaren Brewmaster of LoL.

Tough Actin’ Rinactin: Riot could definitely make some money with this product placement hero.  Maybe they could                add some John Madden voice clips too.


Extinction Pantheon: We all know who wiped out the dinosaurs.

Ray Charles Lee Sin:  A nice suit and huge sunglasses would look good on him.

Splinter Cell Master Yi: No change to the skin necessary but his dash could show him using a grapple hook to dash to   enemies.

Facebook Whore Cho’Gath: I swear his portrait looks like that girl who is way too enthusiastic and jumps into all your picture           at the last second, he just needs a fake tan and lipstick.

Zapdos and Moltres Anivia: Because why not?

Brolaf: What?  You say that’s actually a skin.  No really stop screwing around.  Really?

Darth Kassadin:  His joke would be starwars 1,2 and 3

Dr Mundo: Mundo go where Mundo please.

I know you guys have some to add so let’s see them in the comments.

  1. Pokemon Trainer Yorick

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