The State of Mind

Posted: July 17, 2011 by thewoebringer in General

Hello there all of you Lol fans. This isn’t my day but seeing as I missed a few in China I figure I can let this mini article fly today. Since no one commented, no one gets the prize I purchased in China just for you guys (and girls). Unhappy face for you I guess. Today I want to talk about an interesting state of mind that I think will go a long way to making you a better player. To understand how I got there though, we need storytime.

I was discussing with my girlfriend about the supposed ELO hell. I believe that under a certain ELO rating the players become so inconsistent that it’s not unheard of to get really terrible players. She contended that many players are worse than they would like to believe and that most people are at the ELO they deserve to be at. She furthermore stated that if low ELO players played consistently better it wouldn’t matter how bad your teammates were you should be able to pull yourself out of a low ELO ranking.

Generally speaking, she is a person very hard on herself as to what is needed to do to win. I contended that good players can get stuck in hell because other players can just feed and cause a snowball effect. So we were going back and forth and she finally said something that was absolutely fantastic. It took awhile to dawn on me but truly it is (outrageous) a great way to think about your play regardless of what type of hero you are playing. Are you ready? This is what she said.

“I may not have lost our game, but I didn’t do anything to help us win.”

So simple, but so perfect. Just because you didn’t help your team lose, doesn’t mean you are blameless. I realized there were some games where I thought I had played “well” but I actually just didn’t cause my team to lose, I didn’t help us win. You have to actively help your team WIN. To put it simply -> losing your lane < tieing your lane < winning your lane. Sure you may not have been the person to feed, but did you try and get dragon, did you ward your lane, did you farm well, did you get kills, did you zone out the opponent, did you help others by calling mias, did you offer to swap; the list goes on and on. It is not enough to tie, you always want to win your lane. So, whats the mentality I want you to adopt?


What have I done to help my team win?


This is the question you need to ask yourself every game. Don’t think about what x or y did. Or how you couldn’t have won that cause feeder vayne went 0-9 top or whatever. You can’t change other people, you can only change yourself and if your doing everything you can to help your team win I guarantee your win ratio will go up. Even small changes might drastically change how well you seem to be doing.

Leave a comment about the thought of having a good mentality and its effect on your gameplay, or leave one on what my next video should be on. I promise we’ll talk to you. We’re nice people. Well that’s all for today. Look forward to the future, I have an interesting collaboration project starting and if it comes to fruition it will be a most excellent article. I’ll be back on Wednesday with randomsauce.

  1. Gorgosch says:

    You are quite right. I am not yet 30. But i recognice games, where no communiction is done at all. This is quite amazing.
    How could a team function if no information is spread.

    Games that go better (win) in most cases are based on good communcation. At least in some part, like let us go mid. or bot or one drive minions back and so on.
    Also it helps to call player back that are overextending in unsecure areas.

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