Da AD Carry Part 1: Popular Choices

Posted: July 18, 2011 by atenthirtyone in Champions

Every team has a “star” role that tends to get the glory of getting multiple kills and mowing down towers of the enemy team. This is the carry, and in this article, the AD carry. The AD carry is the champion on your team that scales ridiculously well into the late game, and when properly supported, they will be able to put out high sustained damage that help win team fights. While the AP carry also is vital in defeating your enemy team, they are generally limited to burst damage and must idle for a bit before their abilities come off cooldown. The AD carry does not have this weakness, and they often one more advantage – killing objectives. Many people forget about this, but League of Legends is about killing the enemy nexus, which is protected by towers and inhibitors. AD carries can destroy these the fastest since most of their damage isn’t based off on abilities. In this article series, I will focus on the AD carry role, and see why people would pick certain champions to fill this role, and do some quick analysis on them as well. In addition, I will give some comments and input on these champions from someone who is primarily does not play AD carries. In today’s article, I will focus on the “popular” AD carries, and see perhaps why players choose them.

Without a doubt, the most iconic and classic AD carry in the game, Ashe has passed the test of time in this game. While, many other champions may have overshadowed her in terms of number one choice, Ashe has always been near if not the top throughout this game. If we look at Ashe on paper, she seems relatively low on damage compared to other carries. She has no real steroid to make her scale extremely well, and really has one combat ability (Volley). In addition, Ashe has grown weaker and weaker as a laner with the release of more and more self-sufficent champions. In many cases, teams will often choose to put Ashe with a support or tank champion to babysit her so she can farm efficiently.  However, despite these weaknesses, Ashe provides a lot of something no other carry can – utility. Ashe’s Frost Arrow allows her to pretty much permanently slow down a particular target. In addition, Frost Arrow works with Volley, allowing Ashe to provide a spammable AoE slow in a team fight (Volley has a very low cooldown at max rank). Ashe also has a built-in Clairvoyance with her Hawk Shot that is very useful when the game becomes a battle of positioning. Finally, Ashe’s greatest utility to any team, her ultimate – Enchanted Crystal Arrow. This is perhaps one of the strongest initiates in the game, allowing Ashe to stun a target from far distances. Whether it is for a gank or a team fight, Ashe can give her team a significant advantage by temporarily disabling one of the enemy champions immediately.  This initiate is also quite safe, and will never endanger Ashe herself. However, the true strength of this ability is the fact that it allows your team to create a team composition on the fact that you already have a good initiate. (Such as opting for a bruiser instead of a tank.) No other carry can claim this.

Vayne has been a rockstar from her release til the patch that followed Dreamhack. Now, she’s still quite good, but no longer a champion that everyone wants on their team. Vayne is an AD carry that also functions well as an assassin in the early and mid game. Every single ability on Vayne is made to quickly approach and kill an enemy champion. Between her passive (Night Hunter) and Tumble, Vayne has an amazing amount of mobility and speed. Comdemn gives her a stun that helps her secure the kill. Her ultimate, Final Hour is as good as a steroid a carry can get – speed, safety (through stealth), and damage. Oh, and Vayne’s not finished. Silver Bullets becomes more powerful as the game approaches late game as she is one of the few champions that ignores how much health and resistances a target has (awwwww yeahhhh, percentile true damage). Overall, Vayne is an AD carry that scales quite well, but her true strength is something most AD carries don’t have – burst damage. 

AD carries tend to require a lot of farm to become dangerous in the mid and late game, and we all know how important farming last hits from creeps is. No AD carry can out-farm Corki. Every single ability Corki has is an AoE and is made for clearing waves of minion. Between Phosphorous Bomb, Gatling Gun, and Missile Barrage, Corki should have no trouble getting most if not all of the last hits every wave. Even when Corki is losing his lane, he can still farm quite efficiently. In addition, Corki has a very reliable escape through Valkyrie. In addition, to Corki’s farming prowess, he has a surprising amount of damage in the early game because again nearly all of his abilities do damage and quite a bit of it. However, it is late game when Corki becomes a true monster in damage. Combining his passive (Hextech Shrapnel Shells)’s true damage and procs from a Trinity Force through his already damaging abilities, Corki’s autoattacks skyrockets through the roof. Oh, and let’s not remind people about his Gatling Gun which scales decently with AD and shreds armor off like no tomorrow. Play Corki if you want to abuse his ability to farm and abuse his strong mid and scary late game.

By far, these three AD carry champions all provide something besides just raw damage. They each give their team an advantage to help them win the game. Ashe provides swiss knife utility, Vayne secures ganks, and Corki can farm all day every day. While most of us aren’t tournment players, we can still look at our fellow players that we call professionals and see why they pick these champions. Look at Dreamhack, these three champions were the premiere choices for the most part.  Even now, these three are picked quite often among regular LoL players (Vayne is a little less common than before due to her recent nerfs). Next week, I will take a long at other AD carries, and maybe see why people pick them instead.

  1. Gorgosch says:

    I tried vayne and ashe only once. So far I am a bad bad Ranged player. I just die to fast and give kills to oposing team.
    But your articel makes me want to try Corki. In my games I almost never see him. (Currently lvl 25)
    I have played over 200games and may have seen him twice.
    I like AOE effects, and thats made me interested.

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