Items Guide – Damage Part 2

Posted: July 19, 2011 by xenocidebrm in Items

Welcome to Part 2 of the Damage Items Guide! I’ll be finishing off the list of Damage items today, followed by a quick quiz called “What should I build?”, where I will ask questions which test your knowledge of the Damage items and champions.

Infinity Edge – If you’re a person who enjoys the random number generator or you want to absolutely positively kill everyone without armor, this weapon is your replacement for the Bloodthirster. 250% crits? 80 AD? More crit chance? This weapon does all of this for an unreasonably high price. Great for burst characters.

Last Whisper –  See the enemy building lots of Armor? Grab this item. 40% Armor Pen does more against Armor than straight AD. Circumstantial, so don’t buy it every time. Especially worth the buy if you’re still in laning phase against someone stacking armor.

Long Sword – Basic item. Don’t buy this item first. Only get it if you have nothing else to buy and it builds into something you need.

Madred’s Bloodrazor – Another highly circumstantial item, this weapon has three purposes. First, it allows high Attack Speed characters to do percentile Magic Damage while increasing Attack Speed. This is excellent against high HP enemies with low resists. Second, it grants Damage, Attack Speed, and Armor, all extraordinary stats to help any jungler . Third, it permits nearly any character to solo Dragon and/or Baron, giving your team enormous map control and forcing the enemy to ward both of these creep camps constantly. Get this item for the three reasons listed: if the opponent is building high HP and low Magic Resist, if you are a jungler, or if you want an early Dragon/Baron. Only get one on a team.

Madred’s Razors – Get this ASAP if you’re a jungler or Lanedyr, otherwise ignore it. It gives you Damage, Armor, and an on-hit ability which wrecks jungle creeps. Somewhat frustrating in that the on-hit only procs some of the time, it’s still really good at helping you quickly clear blue and red buffs.

Manamune -As my brother puts it, this item is a noob trap. “Scaling AD with mana? My champ has problems with mana, so I’ll go build it!” No. Stop. Are you a primarily AD character? Do your abilities have cooldowns as fast as Corki? Are you absolutely dependent on abilities for damage like Yorick is? Are you Ryze? If yes, this item is great, go ahead and buy it. If not, STRONGLY RECONSIDER YOUR PRIORITIES by doing everyone a favor and not buying this item.

Phage – Ah, my old nemesis… the random number generator. Yes, the RNG and I have had conflict since forever ago when I started playing Bingo. Phage has a 25% chance on hit to slow, so if you can’t get more than one hit in, you have a 3/4th chance of this item not working. The HP bonus on the weapon is nice, and if I have a high enough attack speed I’ll consider getting this item. Definitely not a first buy, only grab it mid game if you’re going for a Frozen Mallet or Triforce.

Pickaxe – If I’m not sure exactly which way my build is going as an AD character, I build a Pickaxe. This weapon is one of the most flexible in the game while still remaining cost efficient. It builds into things like Madred’s Bloodrazor, Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, and more, keeping your opponents guessing while you continue to pile on damage. I actually prefer to get this item first on an AD character instead of a B.F. Sword.

Sword of the Occult – If you’re a support AD (Yorick) or you’re pubstomping, you can buy this item. Otherwise, I forbid you to leave the spawn dressed with this item, young lady.

Tiamat – I’m not quite sure what this item was intended to do, but it clearly fails at what it tries to do. Even the formatting won’t let me show Tiamat properly. Still a fun item to build on characters who can sustain in lane, it makes you a monster at pushing and building this on Gangplank means your Parrrley shot ends up more like a shotgun.

Trinity Force -Let me preface this item by saying that it gives you Mana and AP. If you do not have Mana or do not use AP, I personally DO NOT recommend this item unless you literally have nothing else to buy. People say you should build it on this or that character even though you miss out on a stat boost or two. Spoilers: you are WASTING gold on an item that will be LESS efficient for your character. That being said, if your character can use all of these stats, i.e. Attack Speed, Attack Damage, Ability Power, Health, Mana, Movement Speed, Critical Strike, on-hit slow AND an improved Sheen ability (150% damage on your next autoattack after you use an ability), then GET THIS ITEM. The Triforce is great to rush for and the items that build into it are also excellent.

Wriggle’s Lantern – Like Madred’s Razors, only better. Free ward, anyone? Jungler or Lanedyr only, please. The insane lifesteal on this item is absolutely necessary for any jungler, and it only improves the already impressive bonuses of the Razors.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade – If your character uses an Avarice Blade (Gangplank) or a Brutalizer (Leona, Renekton, Yi), you’ll want to get this item. For a mere 600 on top of what you paid, you get extra Cooldown Reduction, Attack Damage, Armor Penetration, Critical Strike, and one of the best activated abilities in the game (extra attack speed and extra movement speed).

All pictures provided by the League of Legends Wiki.

What Should I Build? Damage Items Edition

1. You are midding as Ashe against a Malphite. Malphite has been giving you a hard time, but you’ve been able to farm very well and have lots of gold, over 3000, your first time back. It looks like the laning phase won’t be over for a long time and your jungler is desperate for a gank. What item should you buy to help your jungler gank Malphite?

2. You are in a duo bot lane as Vayne with Singed against a Galio and Caitlyn. Singed advises you to build a Madred’s Bloodrazor to counter them. Should you follow his advice?

3. As AD Poppy soloing top lane, you are easily able to zone out a newbie LeBlanc, but her damage output is still too high for you to stay in lane very long. You will lose your advantage if you are unable to both increase your damage and your sustain, what item can help you keep LeBlanc zoned out of her lane while still increasing your damage output?

4. As Blitzcrank, your opponents are somehow slipping out of your incredible CC abilities. You already have a Sheen, a Phage, Boots, and 2000 gold. What should your next buy be?

5. You start the game as Tristana and immediately notice that Sona has expertly used Clairvoyance to spot the enemies as they buy and go to their lanes. You’ll be solo laning against Xin Zhao with Boots of Speed and three potions. What will your build be?

Bonus: You are midding as Ezreal against Twitch. The enemy Twitch has the advantage over you, getting an early kill but is still behind in creep score. Right now, he is building straight AD with three Doran’s Blades and is pushing the lane all the way to your tower. What item should you buy to regain the advantage in both kills and creep score?

  1. Gorgosch says:

    Good, questions. I hope we will se answers to it soon. With a good explanation, why the solution is the obvious.

    Trinity force, makes me wonder if I should include it into my Cho Gath build.
    All stats seem to be benefitial for him. Today I start with staff, that gives Heath, Mana and AP. Than go HexBlade. After that a trinity force looks powerfull.
    Usually I go DeathCap, with the benefit of High damage, but relativley low life.

  2. […] Here are the answers to the Damage Items quiz found at the end of the Items  Guide – Damage Part 2. […]

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