Closing Out Games

Posted: July 21, 2011 by thewoebringer in General

Once again I miss my deadline because now I work on Wednesdays. I guess I have to be more proactive.

So you’ve read our articles and now you’re winning your game, but what do you do to turn an advantage in the early to mid game into an actual W. I’ve seen way too many games slip away because people don’t understand what they need to do to close out a game. So lets get into what you should be doing to wrap up a win.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

This means you should be causing things to happen, not waiting for things to happen. I see this happen a lot with lane pushing. You see the enemy team pushing top, so you switch to defending top but by that time they have moved mid, where your team just was. Now it’s good to protect your towers and lanes but constantly reacting to every move the other team makes is going to put you behind. Also in  this vein is becoming shy about initiating team fights. If you want to initiate do it, don’t just sit there staring at the other team. Time is the great equalizer, the longer the game goes on the more each hero begins to peak. If you were winning it means the other team is catching up.

When you’re ahead get more ahead

Artosis said it right. If you are winning don’t lose that advantage by derping. If nothing else, continue to creep and take down dragon. Keep your lanes pushed, and pick off people when you can. If you’re in a position where four of your players can keep their whole team occupied split push a tower. Never release your hold on a game because you think you’ve got the game locked up and whatever you do you’ll win anyway.

Be Decisive

If you’re going to push, ensure the team is with you and understands EXACTLY what you intend. Don’t just ping, Ping and communicate. Too many times I see a ping and something goes wrong and then the words come out. “I didn’t mean go in. I mean’t there were two there.” “Check baron. Not do baron.”  Often it can be one word to instill your meaning. Ping and go means engage. Ping and check means check it out. Ping and care means there are people coming. It’s so simple that you should try to do it all the time.

Make the “big” move

This concept is a little hard for people to grasp sometimes. You are pushing towards the second tower in the mid lane. You see the enemy team pushing towards your first top tower. If you go defend that tower it isn’t necessarily a bad move, but it isn’t the biggest move. That second tower is more valuable than the first one, plus it’s in the middle lane which is more important. The big move here is to trade towers. In essence making a lesser move is giving up ground to the other team because you didn’t maximize your gain.

Finally, never assume someone knows what you want them to do. Always explain if you can.

Well there you go. I hope you don’t let as many games slip away as I have sadly. Anything I’ve missed? Post it in the comments. Also next week I swear it’ll be on time. Promise. Maybe.

  1. Gorgosch says:

    From my point of view you missed buffes. Escpecially the blue buff is so important. If you have the adavantage about the other team.
    Steal their blue at any time. This way your team will contantly have 2 blues that should be hugh to keept the advantage. At least it is my feeling.

  2. That is very true Gorgosch. Getting buffs falls under getting more ahead and you couldn’t be more correct. Picking up buffs when you’re team is winning is a good way to reduce downtime (doing nothing) and provide additional advantage. Thanks for pointing it out.

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