The Roshan Toss #10 – Killsteals and You (Part 2: When a Killsteal Should Be Encouraged)

Posted: July 22, 2011 by kingofgob in General

This week I’m going to talk about times you should allow allies to take your kills.  I know most people don’t really enjoy giving away their kills, but there are situations where it’s beneficial to both players, and the team as a whole, to do so.

1. Kills should be fed to carries if possible:

The carry is there to carry your team to victory and the more kills they get the easier it is for them to do so.  If you have the chance to feed a carry please do it.  This goes double for tanks. In addition to helping win team fights, tanks should be helping the carries get gold.  Tanks should refrain from stealing creep kills and facilitating hero kills.  Probably the best assist ability on a tank is Rammus’ taunt.  It’s the perfect set up for someone else to get a kill.  Most tank’s cc should be used to get kills for other players especially carries (Ditto for support characters).  A 10/0  Amumu is much less scary than a 10/0 Malz.  When in doubt secure the kill, but if you do have the option let Caitlyn have the kill.

2. Let an ally take the kill if it removes the need to tower dive:

Speaking of Caitlyn this one is perfect for her.  If Caitlyn can pick off an enemy with her Ult and prevent Jax from taking even one tower hit, it’s worth it.  Once you start taking tower hits all bets are off.  So much can go wrong when you chase under a tower it’s completely worth it to let the ranged ults finish off the job.  Ashe, Ez and the like all also happen to have carry potential so even more power to them.

3. Snowball items get special treatment:

If Annie or Malz want a kill to get the extra stack on Mejai’s let them.  The net gold for your team is the same whoever gets the kills but that extra stack on a snow ball item can mean the difference between a win and a loss in a team fight.  This also builds off of number one; if someone has a snowball item they are probably the one that will be carrying your team so let them do it.


Going back over this I realized I only have one real point.  Let the carries take the kills.  We all know you’re so 1337 you need to take all the kills but every Corki and Gangplank will thank you if you take your foot off the gas and let them clean up.  I guarantee if you make it a point to help the carries get kills you will win more games.



  1. Gorgosch says:

    I have not put many thought into snowball items.
    And i think it is the first time mentioned on this blog.
    So what is the mysterie behind it.
    An articel about those items seems intersting.

    Beside that i will take care that my carries get better fed .-)

  2. kingofgob says:

    That’s a good idea. I already have my article idea for this week decided but maybe next week I will discuss snowball items in depth. This week I’m talking about one of my favorite items: Madred’s Bloodrazor.

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