Items Guide – Damage Quiz Answers

Posted: July 26, 2011 by xenocidebrm in Items

What Should I Build? Damage Items Edition – Answers

Here are the answers to the Damage Items quiz found at the end of the Items  Guide – Damage Part 2.

1. You are midding as Ashe against a Malphite. Malphite has been giving you a hard time, but you’ve been able to farm very well and have lots of gold, over 3000, your first time back. It looks like the laning phase won’t be over for a long time and your jungler is desperate for a gank. What item should you buy to help your jungler gank Malphite?

Answer: Build a Last Whisper. Your attacks can already slow with Frost Shot and Malphite should be stacking armor to counter you. The Last Whisper will let you do the most damage against Malphite, ensuring a clean kill.

2. You are in a duo bot lane as Vayne with Singed against a Galio and Caitlyn. Singed advises you to build a Madred’s Bloodrazor to counter them. Should you follow his advice?

Answer: Singed is being foolish here. As Vayne, your short range prevents you from getting close to Caitlyn and the magic damage from Madred’s is not going to hurt Galio at all. A Phage would be a better option, as it permits Singed to fling easily, grants extra health to stay in lane, and gives you extra damage.

3. As AD Poppy soloing top lane, you are easily able to zone out a newbie LeBlanc, but her damage output is still too high for you to stay in lane very long. You will lose your advantage if you are unable to both increase your damage and your sustain, what item can help you keep LeBlanc zoned out of her lane while still increasing your damage output?

Answer: Hexdrinker is really the only option here. Giving both damage and sustain against burst casters, you should be able to lane indefinitely against her if you only engage when Hexdrinker is able to protect you. A Tiamat or Phage might be a secondary option, but the former will prevent you from zoning LeBlanc, while the latter will be useless if LeBlanc is tower hugging.

4. As Blitzcrank, your opponents are somehow slipping out of your incredible CC abilities. You already have a Sheen, a Phage, Boots, and 2000 gold. What should your next buy be?

Answer: Both the Frozen Mallet and Trinity Force are acceptable options here. The Frozen Mallet will slow enemies even more and prevent their escape, while the Trinity Force will give you extra movement speed to catch pesky runners. I personally would prefer the Trinity Force for its utility.

5. You start the game as Tristana and immediately notice that Sona has expertly used Clairvoyance to spot the enemies as they buy and go to their lanes. You’ll be solo laning against Xin Zhao with Boots of Speed and three potions. What will your build be?

Answer: Doran’s Blade. The extra 100 HP and 3% lifesteal will be your key to staying in lane. Still, you are going to need a lot of help from your jungler to survive no matter what build you use.

Bonus: You are midding as Ezreal against Twitch. The enemy Twitch has the advantage over you, getting an early kill but is still behind in creep score. Right now, he is building straight AD with three Doran’s Blades and is pushing the lane all the way to your tower. What item should you buy to regain the advantage in both kills and creep score?

Answer: A goddamn vision ward. I swear, if you don’t buy that thing you are going to feed and I am going to wall you out of every team battle with Anivia for fun.

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