Jungling – 10 Quick Rules

Posted: July 26, 2011 by xenocidebrm in Jungling

Considering that I love to jungle and jungle nearly every game I can, I have been surprisingly silent about the jungle scene. Since some of our authors are actually working on video guides, of which some may be about jungling, I figured that I’d write a short list of rules instead of a long article on jungling (though I promise you that article will come).

1. Always have your team protect you. I don’t care if you decide you want to start at Wraiths, if the enemy team comes in at all they will set you behind, steal your jungle creeps, and insult your mother in nasty ways.

2. Ganks aren’t everything. Sometimes, there’s no way you can kill someone, even if they are pushing their lane. The person in lane might be too low or there may be too many minions around to safely engage. In this case, just scaring the person off is absolutely fine (I’m looking at you, jungle Nocturne Jisho). It zones the other person out, lets the person in lane get last hits safely, and may even force the enemy jungler to stop jungling to hold the lane. You can then quickly get back to jungling without a worry.

3. If you do get a gank, help your laning partner push the lane and hit the tower. I can’t stress how important damage to enemy towers is. Farming is great, but having enemy towers down gives you a ton of gold on top of being able to more safely farm. Remember, towers, not kills, win games. Just don’t get ganked in the process, that’s what your minimap is for.

4. It’s better to let a low tower die than trying to defend it. For most junglers, defending turrets is a waste of time. In fact, some junglers simply can’t defend turrets! Losing a tower is a big deal, but feeding in the process is never worth it. It costs you jungle time, gives the enemy gold, and just isn’t cost-effective. In addition, there’s probably a reason that tower was lost. This is usually because the enemy team has very strong laners, and the outer towers will go down quickly. In this case, be relieved, as most strong laners are terrible teamfighters, giving you the advantage as the laning phase ends.

5. Ward all the time. If your inventory doesn’t have wards in it, it should be because you’ve placed all of them already. Warding is so incredibly helpful that all players who ward constantly remember their “Ah-ha!” moment when they realized warding was essential. Information is power in any game that relies on power, so don’t be afraid to spend enormous amounts of gold on wards every game. I usually end up spending anywhere from 3,000-8,000 gold on wards every game.

6. Buy an Oracles Elixir. Welcome to the Field of Justice. So you’re the new jungler… You are out of uniform, Summoner! Where is your Oracles?! Don’t have it? You expect me to believe that, maggot?! The truth is you lost an expensive piece of League-issue equipment! That potion is going to come out of your pay, and you will remain in this team’s jungle until you are five-hundred and ten years old, which is the number of years it will take for you to pay for another Oracles Elixir you have lost! Report to the shop and have a new Oracles issued to you, then report back to me, Summoner! Dismissed!

7. Always have at least one jungle buff. As a jungler, you can make the most use of the jungle buffs until laning phase ends. Make sure you have at least one buff at all times so you can either sustain yourself in the jungle or help a lane out. Even after the laning phase ends, buffs can be useful for getting out of a bind or helping out in a teamfight.

8. Be polite. Don’t steal last hits from a lane unless you are holding it for someone else. Don’t kill steal if you can help it. Offer buffs and jungle camps you aren’t using to allies. Call mias for people if they forget. Take the blame for everything, even if you weren’t nearby. Most important of all, offer the most help to the lane that is losing worst.

9. Be efficient. Have a primary jungle path and secondary jungle paths if certain camps have been stolen or you are intercepted. Never leave a camp half-finished unless you’re stealing it from the enemy. Keep track of the respawn timers of both jungle creeps and enemies. Ward as you travel through the jungle instead of after you’ve finished clearing it.

10. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet. The jungle is dangerous and you will run into someone. Know who you can kill, how you can kill them, and where you’ll be able to find them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, because as long as there’s two champions left on the field, someone is going to want someone dead.

  1. kingofgob says:

    One thing I think you failed to mention is communication. As a jungler I want to always be talking: “Can I gank here, do you need to go back, where was X last seen.” The jungler has the easiest job on paper to do so I feel they need to take the role of facilitating the rest of the team with as much talking as I can.

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