What do do when you are the feeder

Posted: July 28, 2011 by Joshua Adam in General

Unlike some of the authors on this website I won’t even pretend to be an expert. That and I hate doing true statistical analysis. To give you an explanation of how I play: for every five games I will play one brilliantly, three I will play mediocre to average, and one game I will fuck up in every inconceivable way. If you are playing a game brilliantly to average then there is no point in changing anything since you are pulling your weight. Its when we play those absolutely terrible games that we need to sit there and say “I just fed four kills to Malzahar before the fifteen minute mark… what the hell do I do?”

And it’s not easy. Psychologically, you feel like shit. Your team, also, now probably hates you. So the big question: what do I do to turn this around? The good thing about “League of Legends” is that even if you mess up the early game, by playing and planning accordingly you can recover and still salvage a game. It will just take time. Here’s a couple tips:

Odds are if you are doing badly you’ve already lost your lane and tower, so there is no point in staying there unless you have to. The most dramatic thing you can do to help the team is to start dropping wards. I know, it’s hard to start bleeding what little money you made on wards but trust me on this: if you start warding you can very quickly turn games around and (most of all) you can regain what little shred of faith your team had in you. And, anyway at least, you should already be dropping wards (if you don’t drop at least 1-4 wards a game—even if carrying—I hate you).

Second: play as safe as humanly possible. Start to split push. Creep the jungle. I don’t really care, but just stay away from the other team if you can (this doesn’t mean avoid a teamfight… that’s something completely different). Firstly, do this because you are the no. 1 target for ganks. The enemy team thinks you suck (just as much as you probably do by now) and will try and take advantage of your suckitude. And they rightly should. To creep and push safely is probably the best thing you can do when you are behind but ONLY if you are really good at reading the mini-map. If you are trying to recover and creep on your own and can’t keep track of the enemy team then god help you, you are a player beyond saving.

This is pretty hard to say but when behind you also really have to rely on teammates. Atenthirtyone famously says in our mumble “You can’t rely on anyone in this game.” Well, sadly, when you are failing miserably you kind of have to. Beg your jungler to baby sit you. Ask for a lane change. Do whatever you can to prevent whoever you are laning against from getting too significant an advantage. Usually if an enemy teammate gets an advantage it can be very hard to recover so teammates should be willing to do whatever they can (if they can) to prevent that from happening.

If you are failing at jungling… well, this is one position where it can be very VERY hard to recoup. One of the best things you can do is to stop going for ganks. That’s probably what got you in this position to begin with. Instead, just creep the jungle, creep the enemy jungle, and sub in lanes for teammates to go back. Either way, don’t try and start ganking until you feel a little more secure. Remember: the big benefit of a jungler is the exp and gold advantage—not necessarily the ganks.

So these are a couple tips, things that I have found to work pretty well. Obviously, things like bad team match ups, uncooperative teammates, and “ragers” will ruin a solid chance of recovery but that’s the nature of this game. In the end if you are playing badly just try to avoid giving up any more kills if you can (giving up a kill, by the way, doesn’t mean getting dog-piled in a team fight… that just sort of happens).

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