More “If You Suck” Advice

Posted: August 4, 2011 by Joshua Adam in General

I feel, at least recently, I’ve probably become an expert on this subject. To shed light on my most recent “scam,” I’ve been queuing up with a friend of mine who is about 300 ELO points higher than me. The result: He’s usually 100 points above the average and I’m 100 points below the average. He’s able to carry effectively, I get to play with less incompetent people, and we both get free ELO. Its a win win… but really a lose lose for the other team. The real benefit of this set up is that we are guaranteed the two most important spots in the draft: first and last (and ban picks for that matter). He’s always able to pick an AD carry (Vayne) and I fill the final team slot: usually support, sometimes jungler. Most of all, I’m frequently playing with people that I will happily acknowledge are better than me.

This leads me to the most important advice I can give anyone who is looking to suck less or still be useful when your overall team is better than you: be good at utility. Rather then always playing your specialty champ (everyone should have one anyway)  or a carry be able to pick up and use competently a range of team roles. The two best to have under your belt are support and jungle. Both of those are the most beneficial roles to the team and relatively poor mechanical play can be circumvented by sheer map awareness and “macro strategy.”

On the topic of jungling way out of your skill level, just play it safe. For starters, play more utilitarian junglers, ones that can support the team in more than one way. Try and stay away from champs like Trundle, Shaco, Olaf. Use guys like Nunu, Warwick, Amumu, and Jarvan. Those guys are not only easier to be successful with but they bring a lot more to a team (as opposed to the three I mentioned which are solely gank and bruiser champions who are difficult to work with.) And be very safe with your jungling. Don’t go for an intense counter jungle: only pop into theirs for the safe steals (wraiths and occasionally their blue).

Also, ward. Even a lousy jungler can provide map awareness to the team. In fact, a well placed ward can–no, they WILL win the game. We say this a lot on this website, but it’s %100 true. And many people still don’t subscribe to warding. Many bad junglers (even ones “above” my skill level) save their money for gear with the assumption that the jungler is usually a money starved champ. That’s a crock and if your team’s jungler buys into that logic then they should be “politely” corrected. Also, ward at the corner of the enemy’s blue camp is the most devious and game winning ward you can drop (that’s not at Baron, of course). If you’ve got the extra cash and wards its always worth doing.

On the topic of support… learn most if not all of them. The true dedicated supports of the game are Sona, Taric, Soraka, and Janna. The fun thing about these guys is that–provided the rest of your team comp is sufficient–you can play any one of them and it’ll be just fine. The reason you would learn all or most of them is to be able to counter pick against their team or if the enemy team picks your “favorite.”

Be mobile. This is good advice even if you aren’t a support or jungler (although if you aren’t mobile as a jungler…). Unless you must stay in your lane (you are being pushed, can’t push back) sometimes setting up 3 man ganks on mid can turn a game very suddenly. If you look at pro play, seldom is their laning phase this “polite” back and forth. If you are support, and your lane is doing fine but another isn’t, just move (or if you are Taric, roam since you are capable of it). Doing this gives whomever you were supporting an EXP advantage, even if you are gone briefly, and it can take some pressure off of mid.

All in all, it just takes a bit of an attitude adjustment to properly play “out of your league.” Avoiding common trappings (walking off on your own, creeping in enemy territory) are key, and really understanding how to play a support or jungle role is vital. Lastly, just a closing thought, if you are a support or jungle: buy a fucking oracle. Serious, what is wrong with people and not buying an oracle? Do you understand how much money you force the other team to waste to keep the map lit up? I don’t care how far behind you are (I’ve bought an oracle before my level 1 boots) its too damn important to not get.

  1. Gorgosch says:

    You guys also asume so much information in our heads already.
    Two examples: A) What das Oracle do? B) What is good jungling
    Due to the advice of the page I got Nunu. I had some good games with him, but still miss some keys. Lateley I have seen a nunu standing much longer just out of tower range. Slowed and we both killed the guy under the tower. My Nunu was much to afraid to do this.
    To A) I was under the asumtion that Oracle let you see invincilbe opponent. Now I think I have read between you lines, that you say with oracles you see their wards and should take care to remove them, so that they have no vision.

    Was until now not clear to me. But probably makes sense. TY.

    • jisho23 says:

      Okay, to clarify: oracle can see anything that is invisible. This includes wards. In effect, by buying an oracle you can stop the enemy team from gaining map vision. And if you want to see good jungling you are best watching a video tutorial as its difficult to describe what exactly to do in text.

  2. Gorgosch says:

    I watched. Jungle video. I understood everything about. Fast moving. How early you can get dragon. Down.
    counter jungling. Psychology of jungling.
    Still I have my problems to set up a perfect gank. This seems to be expected by my teammates.
    How much time should I spend for waiting for a gank oportunity? Since I could spent the time with further jungling.

  3. DarksideCookie says:

    You should, try to gank in between phases of your jungling process. )when you have finished all the camps, and have to wait for them to respawn). Try to gank lanes that are “overextending” which means that are very close to your tower. Make sure you ask your teammates if the bush where you want to gank from is warded or not (since wards make these ganks useless).

    You should try to gank as much as possible but it doesnt have a higher priority than levelling. This doesnt mean that you shold go to the wolf camp exactly when it spawns. But just mkae sure you have control of the buffs (wether it is you or your allies that need it) and ward the map.

    In the beginnin of my jungling I ganked alot but didnt clear enough camps. This set me four levels behind which is alot and it makes you less of a use for the team. I also had problems with my gold since I spen 90% of my time roaming around the map.

    If you want to learn more about jungling you should definatively check out Stonewall008’s youtube channel.

    Hope I helped ya,


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