Wukong – The Monkey King

Posted: August 4, 2011 by thewoebringer in Champions, General
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So the Monkey King has been out for about a week, but I’m rapidly becoming “That guy who misses deadlines”. So without further adieu the Monkey king.

Passive: Stone Skin

A pretty standard “Hey, I survive better in teamfights” passive. The armor and magic resist is always welcome and on this champ I think it’s a plus. Could it be better? Yes, definitely. Could it be worse? Probably.

Crushing Blow

This ability for Wukong is one that does not scale at all. Neither AP nor AD makes this spell do more damage. The nice thing here is the 30% reduced armor it gives when hitting. It also adds a cool 150 damage at level 5 which is welcome. Here this spell is really about adding that debuff so your auto attacks hit hard. It’s very noticable when you have it on or off and at level 5 you can have the debuff up every 3 out of 5 seconds.


This ability scales on AP and the ratio is pretty good, but hes no where near AP viable as his other two abilities scale on AD much better. The clone left behind is a nice damage soak if you get used to timing it and when leveled it does a nice little bit of damage in the immediate vicinity (250). The real shining moment of this ability though is the 1.5 second stealth. It makes the spell very good for jukes and for positioning yourself in a teamfight.

Nimbus Strike

This is Wukong’s bread and butter. It targets one enemy unit, and can hit up to 2 more that are within a small distance from the chosen target. It does solid base damage (260 at max level) as well as having a hefty .8 AD ratio to grow real big on.  The range on it is solid as well allowing you that nice distance closer on those pesky ranged heroes. Top it all off with a 40% attack speed boost on Wukong’s next three hits and this is easily his best spell.


Another great spell here. AOE cc is always a solid addition and the damage is great too. At level 3 it deals 200 dmg per second for 4 seconds as well as having a 1 AD ratio. He also gets a 5% movespeed bonus while casting it.

Early Game

You will feel underpowered and that’s because you are. You start to gain steam when you have one of each spell and can pop in for a few hits and decoy out. If you don’t have a real squishy in your lane though, you’re going to have a hard time going. Even your first level of ult is just a pop up because level one there’s barely any damage. I would recommend trying to last hit and doing your harass combo when you can. If you can get a kill, do it. Wukong benefits  heavily from the extra gold. I haven’t gone through all the builds I would like to with him, but I think philostone is very solid on him here. A quick set of boots are also a must for him.

Mid Game

If you have farmed hard you should be able to roam around and get some kills. With level two boots and your stealth, getting in some ganks should be a high priority for you. You really want to hit your stride at early endgame. That being said you will still feel pretty weak. The monkey king suffers from being very squishy and not having a slow. You’re gonna want a phage quick and whatever you choose to build it into, be it either trinity force or frozen mallet. A black cleaver is also a great item to drop those armor resistances even lower. Wukong is pretty strong in chasing, but his stealth gets much weaker out of laning phase. This is because when you are fleeing people know that your clone is not you.

End Game

Your ult is a terror at this point, and should wreck if it is not feared. Squishies flee before you and with your black cleaver and crushing blow even tanky characters will think twice. A finishing defensive item is pretty much the standard and Wukong is no exception. Find out what is hurting you the most and plan accordingly. Keep crushing blow up on enemies as often as possible and don’t be shy to use your nimbus strike to get the 40% attack speed boost.


Now I know I’ve been talking him up but wukong is actually pretty underpowered right now. It’s a combination of starting with Doran’s Blade and not farming properly. I wouldn’t play him at all in ranked as it is very hard not to be a liability in the early and mid game and usually you’ll be playing catch up in the late game. Wukong can be just as good as the rest of the heroes late game as long as he keeps up in items. Getting those mid game kills and early farm is critical. Ignore it and you’ll feel helpless right up until that nexus explodes. Manage to get ahead and you will definitely be carrying pretty well. I expect to see him getting an early game buff to his base spell damage.

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