The Roshan Toss #12 – Dominion

Posted: August 5, 2011 by kingofgob in General

So this week I was struggling to come up with a good topic for my article when suddenly Riot left a nicely wrapped gift with a tag labeled Dominion.  While we do not know a ton about Dominion we do know it will be, “the largest game update in the history of League of Legends.” Sounds pretty epic to me.  So here’s my reaction to the released information so far for the forthcoming uber-patch. ‘

What do we know for sure?  We know this patch will contain a new map and that it will showcase a new game mode, most likely called Dominion and that’s pretty much it for confirmed.  No release date. No details on what the game type will be. No other information, such as hero changes/the stealth patch etc.

Since that’s all we really know for sure I would have a pretty short article if I didn’t make some predictions.  Based on the video I am going to make the educated guess that the new game type will be some kind of King of the Hill or Arathi Basin style game mode.  I believe a straight koth mode would probably be pretty boring in LoL, but I think an Arathi Basin type game mode would be pretty cool.  For the people reading this who have never played World of Warcraft, Arathi Basin is a PvP battleground with five capture points that can be taken by either team.  The more points your team controls the faster you accumulate points with the first team to reach a certain point value wins.  Now my worry with this type of game mode is that it could distill game play down to a straight hero kill-fest.  The reveal trailer does show that minions still spawn which is good.  We also see some weird obelisk thing that appears to change color depending on which team controls the point.  While both of these things will help prevent a straight hero orgy, I will have to see the map complete before getting a real idea of how it will play.

On a different note, I now have a NoElo email so everyone here can send me hate mail and make fun of me.  I can’t wait.  Send your questions, comments and concerns to and I will read them no matter what they are, I promise.

Edit:  Well I wrote this post at 7:30 Thursday morning when I initially saw the release trailer on the LoL mother ship.  Apparently there is more information about Dominion floating around the interwebs revealing more precisely what the new map and mode are.  The map is titled Crystal Scar and is in fact a Capture and Hold style map.  The map is functionally identical to Arathi Basin.  The game mode is designed to last approximately 20 minutes and be hectic as hell with an emphasis on hero kills.  You will start at a higher level and with more starting gold than you are used to.  My thoughts on these revelations are very mixed.  While it is cool starting a game super powerful and the act of getting hero kills is fun I would be very wary about taking the nuance out of the game.  Ice cream is great, but a pint for dinner will just make your stomach hurt.  Laning, farming, jungling are all such integral parts of the game I would hate to see all of that lost in this game mode.  I will assume that this game type will be separate from the original map, but still I would hate to see the map people associate with LoL turn into a 20 minute kill fest because it’s the “new hotness.”  So that’s my updated take on the new “Expansion.”  What do you guys think?  Email ( or comment your thoughts below.

  1. Gorgosch says:

    Arathi Basin was only fun in premade teams with Teamspeak. Otherwise it was just stupid running around and killing.
    I very much see it like you discribed.
    We have 3 parts of the game:
    Early: Laning
    Mid: Several player if not all leave lanes
    End: Rush for nexus, 5v5 and try to get an ACE.

    Maybe the new maps will help to get more training experience for End. Since everybody will start more powerfull.
    My second thought was, some champs that are very good early on, will loose this benefit. And champs that start slow and will snowballing, will have a hugh advantage, since their weakness is overcome instantly.
    Third: Balancing items will be more difficult if you start with more money, since you can get an expensive hard to farm item at the start of the game.

  2. kingofgob says:

    All excellent points Gorgosch.

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