How To Get Out of ELO Hell

Posted: August 6, 2011 by xenocidebrm in General, Guides, Metagame

There is no magical formula for getting out of ELO hell. For anyone unfamiliar with the concept, “ELO hell” is a state where your ELO (a skill rating, named after this guy) is so bad that you only get the opportunity to play with other horrible players. Because your allies and enemies are so bad, every game is a coin flip.

There is no magical formula for escaping ELO hell. There are, however, some things that you can do to increase your win percentage.

First and foremost – take responsibility for your failings.  This means that if no one is warding, own up to the fact that you aren’t either. This applies in more situations than most people, myself included, are comfortable admitting to themselves. One way to look at this in a positive light is to use LOL Recorder to make replays and then watch yourself.  Try to pick out 3 things you could have done better in any match you play.

Second – play carries. The key to getting out of ELO hell is not relying on other people. I know it feels good to play a support, and you think you’re filling a vital role in the team comp, and a million other things. Doesn’t matter – play someone that you can carry with, every time, even against complaints and objections of teammates. For example, I can dominate anyone in my ELO as Malzahar in lane.  This doesn’t rely on anyone else, and it sets me up to be a force to be feared mid- and late-game. If I played Soraka, not only would I have to do well, but my carries would as well. Winning games means carrying your team, every time.

On the same note as the previous point – play your best character. If you handle AD well, aren’t good at AP champs, and your team already has all AD champs? Screw ’em, pick AD anyway. Likewise with AP champs. The only thing diversity on a team accomplishes is to force enemies to think and make choices when buying defensive items; you doing well in lane will make much more of a difference than your enemies maybe not having MR or armor.

Try to lead your team by example and stay positive when making criticism. Nothing makes someone play worse then thinking their team hates them. If someone is genuinely intentionally feeding, save your anger for the report. If they’re playing poorly, use suggestions to help them play differently. “[Their character] is kinda fragile, I’d play more conservatively” is worlds better than “[Player’s name] you need to die less.” Never admit defeat and try to keep your team feeling good, no matter what. It’s easy to zone out and wait for the end of the game when no one seems to be even trying.

As hard as it is, don’t end the night on a loss. It can be majorly frustrating to lose, but try to make sure that your last game every night is a win. This will help you keep energized to play in the future sets a goal for you to hit.

So in short, play carries, stay positive, be fair, and ward, ward, ward, ward!

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  2. Sam says:

    Good Elo Hell tips, thanks for sharing!

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