Revisiting the New Meta

Posted: August 11, 2011 by Joshua Adam in General

So last time I wrote about the meta as a whole, that was back in May. Things have changed… a lot. For a while I was fairly close to what I suggested: two true solo carries in top and mid, DPS carry sharing bot w/ a dedicated support. I was somewhat wrong assuming that a DPS would top lane, in fact for a while an AP usually took the role of solo top. Essentially (before I understood) I described EU style of play.

Whats happening now? The game has drifted more toward champions that win a lane by… well, never leaving it. Sustainability seems to be key. As a result, “soft carries” and bruisers are what now truly dominate most of the game. This is just by design: the most sustainable champions tend to be bruisers. As a result the best top and mid lanes are now champs like Udyr, Warwick, Irelia, Gragas, Cho’Gath and Rumble. Most shockingly, Mordekaiser is now a completely viable champ. Standard mid is, however, still an AP (the three champs to beat being Annie, Brand, and (ugh…) Orianna).

How does this work? Why are these champions the best picks? Two really obvious reasons: First of all, they are all able to sustain a lane. This is because they have a heal, are very mana independent (or don’t use it all) and, because of their natural bulk, can prove challenging to kill. Secondly, they are all “soft carries.” When I say this, I refer to that these champions can, due to excellent base stats and ability damage (not AP), carry for a large portion of game if they get a slight level advantage. Many of them, to boot, bring a fair bit of utility.

These champs, as explained, excel at one thing: never. Leaving. Lane. Ever. Seriously, that’s how they win: out farm, gain a level advantage, wait for the jungler to gank or for the other player to be stupid. I hate to put it like this, but this is a bitch tactic: it’s essentially attrition warfare. Many times it comes down to “who leaves the lane open first.” It also puts even more power in the jungler… and requires they be really REALLY alert of what is going on.

My solution to this? Well… I have no idea. The only champ I can call a viable counter pick to these bruisers is Singed. Singed pretty effectively counters many of the champs I named above and his ability to farm and harass indirectly is pretty strong. If anything, oddball picks will probably become more prevalent. I dunno… consider this just a “state of the meta” sort of article. And I can’t provide and solutions or theory here.

  1. Gorgosch says:

    I am not yet in the real meta. Level 28 right now. And I also realized how easy it is with mordekaiser to stay in lane.

    Since most teams have no junglers at all. I like it if we have and they don’t. Mordkaise can pretty easy go 1v2 in laning. Since he can wipe the minios out so damn fast. That staying at tower is very viable solution.

    Soon I have outlevel them, and if they are stupid get both at level 6 and might even get their tower.

    Lately, I allways go AP morde. If fed straigth more AP. If it did not work out so good, still the option of beeing beefy.

    I also like mid and have pretty good odds against Annie and Orianna. So far I have met one Brand that gave me trouble times.

    • jisho23 says:

      Yeah, AP Morde is the way to go. I do still feel his is a weak champion, but its true: If he does get a slight level advantage early on his ability to completely dominate the mid game as an AP carry is hard to ignore. I just feel Rumble does it better.

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