If Your Team is (Only) Defending, Your Team is Losing: Bank Account Balance = Zero

Posted: August 14, 2011 by qqwerthy in General, Metagame

Co-author Atenthiryone explored in a recent article the problems with the mentality of defending and why it leads to losing a game. I’d like to look at something more tangible, I’d like to look at the only thing that matters MONEY or in the case of league of legends gold.

All advantages in League of Legends can be broken down into 2 types, a gold advantage or a time advantage and since the old saying goes “time is money” we are just going to stick to gold for this article.

The Scenario: It is exactly 18 minutes into the game. Your lanes are dominating at 3 kills each, total 9, with the enemy team getting none. They’ve been doing so well that one after another all the outer enemy towers fell. You are so confident that you take dragon.

You are up 9 kills, 3 towers, 1 dragon. In two minutes they are going to surrender.

The Outcome: You just lost the game.

The Reason: Because they didn’t surrender at 20, and you didn’t press your advantage.

So 9 kills at 300gold each is = 2,700 (not calculating in assists)
3 towers at 150gold each = 450 * 5players = 2250
1 dragon at 190gold = 190 * 5players = 950
Total gold advantage = 5,900 gold

At 18 minutes into that game your team has 5,900 more gold than the enemy team. Assuming creep score is equal
By 18 minutes you should have a creepscore of anywhere from 50-100. (modest estimate. always try to creep harder)
For the ease of calculations we are going to use 27 as the average gold amount from minions.
So 60 creeps in 18 minutes at 27gold each = 1,620
Thats a needlessly large rod and pretty close to a BF sword.

So say you and your opponents are rushing the same items. Both of you get either Needlessly or BF sword. But you have an extra 450gold from towers, 190 from dragon, and you picked up 1 kills at 300g. So you have an additional 940 gold that the guy you were laning against doesn’t. Thats either a Blasting wand or a Pick axe. You are more than half way to a Deathcap or Infinity Edge.

So to recap:
Enemy team has 1,620gold each
Your team has 2,560gold (roughly) each
You have more AP and AD. So how the hell did you lose???

Well the answer is you didn’t press your advantage. You didn’t pressure your opponents at all. You said “Oh we are winning” and sat back and tried to farm up. Maybe you tried to push a tower and said “These guys are just turtling up, back off, don’t fight under tower.” Maybe you waited for dragon to respawn so you can further your advantage, but you got caught out of position and lost a team fight, maybe nobody picked up that second dragon. Maybe you thought about doing Baron but then said “no we can’t do baron, if we lose at baron we might lose the game.”
Well congratulations, by being a chicken sh*t and not pressing your advantage you just lost it.

“But QQwerthy we defended all our towers, we are still ahead 9 kills, and they haven’t gotten baron or dragon or anything. What do you mean my advantage is gone?”

Well little newbie you still may have all your towers its true. And you may have traded kills in every team fight and still have more kills than the enemy team. And sure they didn’t get baron or dragon, but neither did you. But you lost the most important thing, Time.
While you we busy defending towers and not getting baron, you wasted time. And remember time is money.
Now its 45 minutes into the game, creep scores are over 200.
200creeps at 30gold each (lol minion inflation) = 6,000
Guess how much of an advantage that 940 gold gives you now.
40 ability power or 25 attack damage.
Now at 18 minutes into the game when you AP is below 100, 40 ability power from a blasting wand is a HUGE advantage. But 45 minutes into the game when AP is over 300, 40 isn’t going to do a whole lot.

So after 45 minutes, you still think you have an advantage because “LOL WE HAVE TOWERS” but you are wrong because the gold gap is closed. And you finally decide to team fight,  and they kick the ever-loving shiitake Teemo mushrooms out of you. And now they have an advantage and they are going to press it because guess what, you’re dead and for a while because 45 minutes into the game you death timer is much longer than at 18 minutes.

So they push all the way to the middle inhib, go take baron, then come back and kill your nexus. All because you didn’t want to press your advantage.

Now let’s look at this a little bit more conversely

The Scenario: It is exactly 18 minutes into the game. Your lanes are getting dominating, giving up 3 kills each, total 9, with the your team getting none. They’ve been doing so well that one after another all your outer towers fell. Because you can’t stop it, they get a free dragon.
But you read QQwerthy’s article and you know that if you just farm up and hold off into late game your team has a chance to win.
So you start spilt pushing trying to distract them and waste their time.

The Outcome: You lose, again.

The Reason: Because your opponents read this article too.
They know they can’t waste time, and they need to keep pressure to win.

So while you are off trying to spilt push as a distraction but they don’t care about defending, instead they go “Oh its a 5v4” and they force a teamfight under the innermid tower. Sure 3 of them died, but so did 3 of your guys. That one thats left has to back off, leaving 2 guys to knock down inner mid tower.

They don’t even care that they tower dived and died. Its only 18 minutes into the game, death timers are so low that they will be alive and ready to stop your spilt push and get back to mid before you finish hitting you B button.

Not to mention trading 3 for 3, and trading an outer turret for an inner turret, is a good deal at 18 minutes.

Once everyone is rezz’ed they decide to go to baron. Who cares that its 23 minutes into the game? They put wards up after they got mid tower down they got good map control. They want you to come try and stop them from doing baron. They want to force a team fight because they know they can win with the gold advantage they have. And they know that if you don’t stop them and give them a free Baron, they are just going to push their advantage this much harder.

They constantly pressure you, forcing you to DEFEND, ultimately winning the game through gold and brute force.

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