Items Guide – Ability Power Part 2

Posted: August 16, 2011 by xenocidebrm in Items

Part 2 of Ability Power items.

Mejai’s Soulstealer – This stacking item is the best stacking item in the game. For every assist you get one stack and each kill nets you two stacks. Most people suggest getting this item early to maximize its benefit late game. These people are bad and should feel bad. Early game, unless the other team is feeding intentionally, kills and assists are very hard to come by. Later in the game during teamfights, people are dying all over the place. This is a late game item, end of story. Build it on SUPPORT characters. If you are a carry, chances are you will die too often for this to be of any use. However, support always manage to get tons of assists and can afford to build tanky, maximizing the effectiveness of Mejai’s.

Moonflair Spellblade – An item taken straight out of the Forgotten Realms setting in D&D, this horrid looking item doesn’t give much benefit at first glance. Indeed, it is similar to Haunting Guise in that it costs way too much, doesn’t upgrade into anything, and is best built early game. However, unlike Haunting Guise, it gives you Tenacity. TENACITY IS SO IMPORTANT THAT CAPS CAN’T DO TENACITY JUSTICE. Seriously. If you didn’t buy Mercury’s Treads and are an AP character, grab this item.

Morello’s Evil Tome – As badass as Morello himself, Morello’s Evil Tome is bar-none the best AP item in the game. Mana regen? Check. Good AP bonus? Check. Cooldown reduction? Check. Builds out of the spectacular Fiendish Tome and Blasting Wand. Get this item mid game if you need the three stats this item throws at you.

Needlessly Large Rod – Gives a lot of AP. Buy it if you have the money mid game, otherwise only get it if it builds into something you need. Large investment for a large bonus, boring item otherwise.


Nashor’s Tooth – Attack speed, ability power, cooldown reduction, mana regen. Hrm. Not too many characters can actually use this item to its fullest and it’s quite expensive. Kayle and Teemo are the only two characters I can think of off the top of my head that would want this item and you’ll have to rush for it because it falls off mid and late game.

Rabadon’s Deathcap – AP plus a percent more of AP? Yes, please! If you have high AP ratios, this item is for you. Grab this item anytime, as it is useful early, mid, and late game. This item badly needs a nerf.


Rod of Ages – If you don’t have great AP ratios or you want to make a tanky AP character, the Rod of Ages is right up your alley. “But Cat,” you ask, “this item takes 20 minutes to reach full effect!” Grab it early, your game will last more than 20 minutes by the time you can afford this, trust me.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter – Another tanky AP item. As a bonus, it applies a slow effect on enemies who are hit by your spells. Two important caveats before you buy this item on everyone. If most of your spells already have a slow/stun effect (for instance, Anivia), don’t buy this item. If you don’t have at least three spells that actually do spell damage to people (for instance, Karma), don’t buy this item.

Sheen – If you plan on getting either Trinity Force or Lich Bane, you’re going to need Sheen. Thankfully, it’s a very, VERY good item. Cheap enough to get early, gives a ton of extra burst, and gives both mana and AP. Great on anyone who can do hybrid AD-AP and needs some extra mana, AP, or burst damage.

Trinity Force – Tons of stats, very expensive, and has a better Sheen effect. I’ve already covered this item in the damage guide, but long story short if you’re hybrid AD-AP get this item, otherwise ignore it. If you don’t use AP or Mana don’t get this item, you are wasting precious stats.

Void StaffQqwerthy’s article covers just how awesome this item is. For characters with less than a 1 to 1 ratio on AP, this item is your alternative to Rabadon’s Deathcap. Even if you have a Deathcap, get this item anyway. The 40% Magic Penetration will ensure that you can always do tons of damage even into late game.

Will of the Ancients – If you need some sustain as an AP character and you do tons of damage already, this beat up book keeps you in the fight no matter what. It gives you a decent bonus to AP and, more importantly, an enormous amount of spell vamp. That means as you do damage, you will regain health. Practically mandatory on Brand, Cassiopeia, and Vladimir. Great for anyone with low AP ratios but high base spell damage.

Zhonya’s Hourglass – Perhaps no item is as simultaneously loved and hated as Zhonya’s Hourglass. With a hefty price, including a Needlessly Large Rod, this item is definitely late game only. While it gives a lot of AP and Armor, its main draw is its activated ability, placing your character into an untargetable stasis for for 2 seconds, rending you immune to damage. This active makes it great for anyone with an area of effect spell that emanates from their champion, like Kennen or Fiddlesticks. It will interrupt channeled spells, so don’t use this if you’re Katarina. Keep in mind that you have to remember to activate it for it to be useful!

All pictures provided by the League of Legends Wiki.

What Should I Build? Ability Power Items Edition

1. As Anivia, you start off with a Mana Crystal and 2 Health Potions at mid. You’re easily able to outfarm and outharass the newbie Vladimir at mid, but he keeps getting away with a sliver of health. On your way back, you realize you don’t have quite enough to grab the Rod of Ages you wanted, but you have enough to upgrade your Mana Crystal into a Sheen. Should you grab the Sheen to try to kill Vladimir more easily or continue on your path to the Rod of Ages?

2. Your top lane is losing badly as you beat the enemy mid as Rumble. Mordekaiser is simply too much for Gragas on top, and you want to ensure a kill as you are buying items with around 3500 gold. What item should you buy to ensure a gank on Mordekaiser?

3. As Karthus, you have managed to farm up your Archangel’s Staff to the maximum, but notice everyone on the other team is toting magic resist items. You want to do as much damage as possible. Should you buy another Archangel’s Staff or a Void Staff?

4. You are Lee Sin, the Blind Monk, and you can’t see how you’re losing this game. After a number of brilliant ganks, your top lane Udyr has somehow lost the tower to LeBlanc. Since you haven’t needed too much damage to kill LeBlanc, you’ve neglected to build any damage items and see you’ll have trouble killing the rest of her tanky-DPS team. Should you build a Sheen to increase your burst damage against the rest of LeBlanc’s team?

5. As Sona, you find yourself laning alongside Jax against Vladimir and Ashe and are being outharassed. On Jax’s first time back, he decides to grab a Guinsoo’s Rageblade instead of building towards a Hextech Revolver. Was his decision to go for damage instead of sustain a good one?

Bonus: Jungling Fiddlesticks has netted your team tons of kills against the enemy team, who are fielding a nice balance of AP and AD. As you enter mid game, you find yourself with enough money to buy either a Rabadon’s Deathcap or a Zhonya’s Hourglass. Which one should you buy?

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