When is the time to surrender?

Posted: August 17, 2011 by thewoebringer in General

Goddammit I will not miss my day again.

So today we will be discussing when it is time to surrender a game. Deciding when a game is beyond winning is something that many players disagree on. Rather than just rage surrendering you should always objectively assess the situation. So here are some criteria with which to decide if it’s time to throw the towel in.


Simple. You’re down in kills, you have less gold and experience. However, the later the game is the less kills matter. Quite often I see people want to 20 minute surrender because they’re down between 4 – 8 kills. While this could be very bad, it is not the end all be all. Check to see whether the kill gap is widening or staying the same. A widening gap means you probably should surrender. If you’re staying consistently down those 4-8 kills you should continue to play, because generally it means your team is roughly even.


Towers fall along the same lines as kills. Early towers grant map control which is freedom of movement. Being down towers means you have less protection when pushing and can chase less if a fight is in your favor. Being one tower down is just a disadvantage, three towers is a serious problem.

Hero Progression and Team Composition

There are certain heroes who build up late game and there are heroes who get weaker. Knowing which is which can go a long way in determining whether or not you should surrender. For example Urgot is such an early and mid game powerhouse but will average out in the long run. Vayne will ramp up slowly but be devastating in the late game. Also in this category is team comp. If the enemy team is missing a crucial component (AD, AP or a Tank), you want to consider hanging around to try and beat out their early game advantage.


If your team is communicating well and willing to play, it’s generally better to keep playing. Well timed pushes, barons, dragons, ganks and baits can turn the game around for you. Conversely if your team is constantly bickering and at each others throats most players won’t be able to pull it together to work towards winning. Judging the level of communication can be a good indicator of whether or not to continue.

Overall you should be thinking about how all these factors play in together and come up with an objective decision. Don’t knee jerk react, even if one or two of these things is going wrong. Too often people give up games they could turn around, and learning to dig yourself out of a hole will teach you to be a better player. But if you see the writing on the wall then it may just be time to give up.

Before I go I want to know your thoughts on not only this subject, but also another. What do you want to see most here at No Elo? We’re always trying to make better content for you guys and we need input. Do you want more videos of us playing or tutorials? Do you want more champion guides? Do you want more coverage on patch notes and season 2 coverage? Leave a comment and I GAREN-tee that we will be accomodating. Peace.

  1. Gorgosch says:

    So far you page does a very good work, from my point of view.
    I like it that you have a wide spread of topics covered on this page.
    From Items, over new Champs and strategic parts of the game.
    If I would be interested in vidoes, I would go to youtube. Your strength is the textual coverage.

  2. Rothmog says:

    Is there a guide on jungling at lower summoner levels? What is the lowest level possible? Is Warwick the go to for jungling w/o Tier 3 runes and full masteries?

    • Thanks for replying. I don’t think there is a guide but I think the lowest level you could jungle would be 11. This is because you absolutely need 3 things in your mastery tree. Improved smite, 4 points in Awareness (the experience gain) and either 1 or 2 in utility mastery (buff lengthener). These are essential. As for not having the correct runes, the heroes that I’ve found that can still decently jungle without dedicated rune pages are Warwick, Olaf, Nunu, Amumu, and rammus. There are probably more but I don’t play that many junglers. Generally either a high hp champ that does alot of aoe dmg or a hero with some sort of innate lifesteal does well. I hope this helps.

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