Items Guide – Ability Power Quiz Answers

Posted: August 23, 2011 by xenocidebrm in Items

What Should I Build? Ability Power Items Edition – Answers

Here are the answers to the Damage Items quiz found at the end of the Items Guide – Ability Power Part 2.

1. As Anivia, you start off with a Mana Crystal and 2 Health Potions at mid. You’re easily able to outfarm and outharass the newbie Vladimir at mid, but he keeps getting away with a sliver of health. On your way back, you realize you don’t have quite enough to grab the Rod of Ages you wanted, but you have enough to upgrade your Mana Crystal into a Sheen. Should you grab the Sheen to try to kill Vladimir more easily or continue on your path to the Rod of Ages?

Answer: Continuing on your path to the Rod of Ages will help you late game as Anivia, which is really your only option. Vlad is just beginning to ramp up in power, so if you stray from your build to try to kill him now chances are you’ll end up with an extra number next to your death counter.

2. Your top lane is losing badly as you beat the enemy mid as Rumble. Mordekaiser is simply too much for Gragas on top, and you want to ensure a kill as you are buying items with around 3500 gold. What item should you buy to ensure a gank on Mordekaiser?

Answer: Get a Rylai’s. What’s that? Other items on Rumble? No. Stop. You need Rylai’s to do anything as Rumble past late game.

3. As Karthus, you have managed to farm up your Archangel’s Staff to the maximum, but notice everyone on the other team is toting magic resist items. You want to do as much damage as possible. Should you buy another Archangel’s Staff or a Void Staff?

Answer: Get the Void Staff. The Archangel’s Staff is tempting because of the enormous AP it will give you, but trust me, the Void Staff will always help you more against anyone with even a little magic resist.

4. You are Lee Sin, the Blind Monk, and you can’t see how you’re losing this game. After a number of brilliant ganks, your top lane Udyr has somehow lost the tower to LeBlanc. Since you haven’t needed too much damage to kill LeBlanc, you’ve neglected to build any damage items and see you’ll have trouble killing the rest of her tanky-DPS team. Should you build a Sheen to increase your burst damage against the rest of LeBlanc’s team?

Answer: No. Sheen gives you a bonus to AP and Mana. Lee Sin needs neither of these things, so you essentially are wasting gold. You’ll actually get more burst late game by building AD now.

5. As Sona, you find yourself laning alongside Jax against Vladimir and Ashe and are being outharassed. On Jax’s first time back, he decides to grab a Guinsoo’s Rageblade instead of building towards a Hextech Revolver. Was his decision to go for damage instead of sustain a good one?

Answer: Of course not, all Jax players are horrible except for HotshotGG. Vlad and Ashe can both harass very well and even with your healing Jax won’t be able to stay in lane for very long.

Bonus: Jungling Fiddlesticks has netted your team tons of kills against the enemy team, who are fielding a nice balance of AP and AD. As you enter mid game, you find yourself with enough money to buy either a Rabadon’s Deathcap or a Zhonya’s Hourglass. Which one should you buy?

Answer: A little known fact about combat in any game is that whenever you are ahead, you build defense, and when you’re behind, you build offense. It’s counter-intuitive, but think of it like this: it is always easier to defend than to attack. By building defense, you force your opponents to do one of two things. If they also build defense, your stats scale equivalently and your advantage will always leave you on top. If they build offense, you force the more difficult role upon them while you continue to farm and retain your advantage. Grab the Zhonya’s.

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