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Posted: August 25, 2011 by thewoebringer in General

‘Cause I’m the worst arooouunnnnd, ‘nothin’ gonna ever keep me down. Once again I’m late, Womp womp.

Well patch dropped yesterday with the HUGE support nerfs coming down with it. I want to discuss not only what it means, but who got hit the hardest. Then we’ll move on to the positives with the new store and the advent of dominion.


So if you’ve been hitting the forums at all Riot has been pretty into nerfing support heals. This is largely due to the fact that it tends to slow down games and push them towards early game farming contests. This ideal came in full force in this patch with nearly every hero with a targetable heal getting their ap ratios reduced. Who got hit the hardest? In terms of healing potential it was definitely Soraka. Both her heal ratios were severely reduced. To account for this riot has made her more “threatening” by boosting infuse and starcall a lot. I haven’t seen her too much, but it’s fair to say she’ll be playing differently. Next would be Nidalee. Riot is pushing hard for players to make use of her catform and spear in the wake of the nerfed heal and we’ll see how that pans out. It’s similar for both Taric and Sona, nerfed heal ratios with changes pushing players to be more aggressive. What does this mean for play? It’s been said here that it will result in more pushing, but I doubt that will be the case. People will probably be a little bit more aggressive to reflect hero changes but I think this will just cause an increase in the value of more early game sustainability. Players will look to find the lost sustain in either extra hp or more regeneration. Whether or not this will carry into the late game I am unsure, but I actually think this will become counter productive for riot. The tanky dps meta they have been trying to break might become reinforced because of player mentality.

There were some other nerfs, but most were small and for pro level balance. Jax, Orianna,  and Udyr fall into this category. The biggest non heal nerf was Alistars ult, which has been changed to a flat 8 second duration and 50/60/70 percent damage reduction. It doesn’t change terribly the way he plays, it just makes him a little less threatening at level 6.

New Store

The revamps done to the actual League client are awesome. Videos in the client, a nicer UI, and easier layout are all a plus for the game. I’m glad riot isn’t neglecting aspects of the game that people don’t really think about but still need updates from time to time. Also the in game UI is much better. Kills show assists easily and less obtrusively on your screen. The stats screens both in game and after are also more informative and easier to understand at a glance. It obviously takes some getting used to but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Finally the addition of a second ping type was a stroke of genius. The v key is now hotkeyed to a yellow ping with a different sound that states [name] is asking team to fall back. Now it’s easier to communicate what you mean by pings, especially if it’s for helping out an overextended teammate. Awesome job there Riot.


As you probably noticed, the stat page and new Dominion items are already in the game. This means that Dominion can’t be too far away and I’m pretty excited. I probably won’t ever be playing Dominion “for serious” but it looks like a great way to have fun and derp around. I expect to be playing a fair amount of it. The prospector items are interesting as they are double doran’s for slightly less that you can only have one of. I’m curious as to if Riot regrets allowing players to buy more than one of Doran’s.

Well that’s it for today. As always I love to read comments and will do my best to answer them. Thank you to those who actually leave them (you know who you are). Questions, comments, article topics and hate mail can be sent to

  1. Gorgosch says:

    I was surprised about the patch.
    It took me 4 hours to get it downloaded. And then i so far have only recieved a changed GUI and better stats srceen.
    I think they must have placed most of the new content on the clients already. I just do not understand why it is not acivated yet. On Gamescon they have shown, that everything is prepared already.

    I am a bit confused, that you talked about nervs on Suroka and the next articel on the page says she is Overpowered right now.
    How does this comes together?

    • As a support character Soraka has been hit very hard, however her starcall was buffed very heavily. It is now fairly easy to bully people in the laning phase with soraka built towards more of a carry rather than a support. That is where the discrepancy arises from.

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