The Roshan Toss #15 – Much Ado About Stealth

Posted: August 26, 2011 by kingofgob in General

So there was this really big update in the past week and guess what, stealth is still an issue.  The problem with stealth is twofold and thus much more difficult to balance out but with the new patch some light has been shed on the possible future of stealth. I first suggest you read the second post here  which is a red post chronicling the problems and iterative solutions Riot has gone through in an attempt to remedy the power of probably the biggest offender in the stealth problem, Eve.  Stealth has the problem that for newer players stealth seems impossible to beat.  Once an Eve gets a few kills to the point where she can 1v1 any hero before her slow (used to be stun) runs out she feels completely unfair.  The idea of a new player feeling completely powerless in a situation is very bad for the game.  A constant stream of new blood is a cornerstone to any good business.  Making players feel helpless in their first few games can go a long way to making them not want to come back.  The counter point to this problem is that in higher level and skill, Eve is completely gimped by a combination of Sight Wards and Oracle’s Elixirs.  A good team can always have a detection mode up and completely gimp any element of surprise the stealth hero has.  Eve is nothing if Ashe can kite her around all day as she tries to close in.  So the problem becomes how do you simultaneously nerf and buff stealth. As shown by the forum post I linked above they have tried a ton of different Eve reworks but they either stray too overpowered or too underpowered.

In the most recent patch update the Dominion only items have become visible and as such three very interesting and telling items have been shown: Hextech Sweeper, The Lightbringer  and Oracle’s Extract.  I love the design of both the Lightbringer and Hextech Sweeper.  They both hinder the escape potential of a stealth hero while not hurting their initial surprise factor.  The Hextech Sweeper also has the very interesting active which throws down a stealth detecting cloud in an area revealing stealth.  This rewards smart players who know when something is up or when it is important to know if a stealth hero is around.  I think both of these items are very well designed and hopefully signal a new direction of anti-stealth.  As for Oracle’s Extract, I believe oracles should be removed from the game or replaced with something that only reveals wards but the five minute max duration is a start so I’m not going to whine about that.

So what do you guys think?  How would you change stealth?  And don’t forget you can now email me questions, comments or hate mail to

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