Posted: September 1, 2011 by thewoebringer in General

Before I get into my post today I would like to apologize for being late again. This week however, it was because there were just so many things I wanted to talk about. Swamped with ideas for once.


So I learned something today and it is very applicable to LOL so now it is share time. The technique I’m about to show you is called AAR or After Action Review. The purpose is to ascertain how well you accomplished (or failed to accomplish) your goal. The point here is to use this AFTER EVERY GAME regardless of win or loss. This way you always are focused on getting better. The general outline goes like this:




Correct Actions:

Unskillful Actions:


Take Aways:

So let’s tackle these one by one.


Obviously the objective in LOL is to win in general but you can narrow this focus if you want to try and accomplish something specific like a target cs or a jungle time.


Whether you succeeded or failed is pretty self explanatory.

Correct Actions


These are the things you did right. Anything considered correct play can go here. Don’t just be vague and superficial, get specific about where and when you did good things. For example, I zoned enemy champions out of Exp early. I got first blood when I used map awareness and saw jungler coming to lane. Pushed lane hard before going b to prevent damage to towers. These types of behaviors are to be encouraged and help to remind you of what you should continue to do.

Unskillful Actions

This should be the functional opposite of your Correct Actions section. Be honest, the only one you cheat by lying and saying nothing was your fault is you. You should try and use an objective lens as best as possible. The things that should be put here are, Overextended and was ganked by mid lane. Missed last hits I should have had. Failed to dodge skillshots causing me to have to go back early. Missed kill I could have had if I had gone back in.


Here is where you put things that you skipped doing entirely, this has some overlap with unskillful actions but should be different. The type of entries in this section should be as follows, Pushed mid and went back but did not get baron while we had map control. Skipped doing dragon when three enemy players were dead. Did not jungle neutral creeps in downtime after a push. Did not help jungler by warding.

Take Aways

These are things you learned that will help you in the future. This should basically be the summation of the things that either you did surprisingly well at or things you definitely want to avoid or remember to do in the future. These are the things you should look at to remember where you are trying to go in the future. If you consistently see a theme popping up, I suggest you take action to rectify it.

Well there you go. A new tool for evaluating your performance. While it may seem like a simplistic thing to do, when done right it should provide insight into what is going wrong in your games. Leave me some lovely comments and I will reply to them. I’m trying real hard to get some neat things for No Elo in the future so be on the lookout.

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