Team Composition

Posted: September 8, 2011 by thewoebringer in General

Today we’re going to talk about when to pick to fill out a team comp and when to pick whatever you want. There are people who try both things and swear by one side but I think there is only one correct answer here.


Now this is a bold statement and I mean it in a contextual way so let me explain before you start complaining.

When picking it is always better to pick a champion you can play well than to choose and play something that “fills out team comp”. This is because the majority of people you will play will not be able to take advantage of a poor team composition. In addition, your team will be much better off with you playing a champion you are familiar with then a champion you were forced into. If you can play a champion well that fits your team composition then by all means pick an appropriate champion but team composition should never take priority over skill.

This is especially true in the scenario where your team already has an AD carry or AP carry and your team starts to pressure you into a role you’re not comfortable with. DO NOT pick a champion you are not familiar with. I can’t say it enough I’d rather have duplicates of a role that both play well than a perfect team composition with poor skill.

Even if you are heavy towards ap or ad the only champion it makes a serious difference for is the tank. Players generally get their protection item later in the game so if your winning it shouldn’t make too much of a difference. If the tank goes straight into whatever you have trouble with it shouldn’t matter because you shouldn’t be attacking the tank anyway. In the end your choice of playing a champion you are good with straight outstrips the marginal benefit of a “good” team comp.

The only exception here is the scenario where 2 or more champions are already filling your role. If you have a tank, I would say still play to your strengths. If you are missing a critical role than I would maybe look to pick to fill a role and hope your teammates are good enough to carry. That’s all for today. If you disagree, I’d love to hear your side in the comments. You can also email me at

  1. Dallas Hogan son! says:

    Gonna be straight with you woesauce: wrong. You need to play to your teams advantage not yours. It’s just like soccer. If you have everyone play offense it’s gonna suck when the other team steals your jungle….wait messed up that metaphor. Needless to say you should force yourself into a position you’re not comfortable with so as to expand your own ability. You need just a few things for team comp: AD Carry, AP carry, Support and Jungle. If you can’t play one of those then you are sorely lacking in ability and need to catch up. Say what you want to play but don’t be afraid to try something new and difficult if your team says, “No.” As Wukong says, “Adapt to all situations!” and, “Every mistake is a lesson.”

    • Dallas Hogan son! says:

      Also =^.^= happy cat face.

    • In the context of expanding your repitoire I would say that playing champions you are unfamiliar with is a good thing. It helps you get better and allows you to learn new heroes. In the context of winning, it is always better to pick the champion you are best with. The short of it is, Skill with champion > team composition, so you should never pick SOLELY for team composition.

    • qqwerthy says:

      What about when everyone is on Offense and the net is so pressured the goalie gives up 3 points then the opposing team cant even think about split pushing?

      wait what?

  2. I would say I agree with this article just from our experience in duo queuing. For all things, I’m talking about low elo. First- people suck so much here that you can win without a support. Junglers are so inconsistent that oftentimes if your top is 1v2 because of this, you will straight-up lose that lane because your jungler doesn’t gank. Of course I try to expand the characters I can play – but right now I fail at AP carries. If I play an AP carry, I will most likely feed. Does my team want this just for the sake of team comp? I try to counteract this in ranked by saying who I’d like to play and that I can’t play an AP carry beforehand, that way others can fill the AP carry role.

  3. atenthirtyone says:

    >article about low elo
    >site called No ELO

    Oh dear god

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