Dominion Metagame

Posted: September 24, 2011 by xenocidebrm in Dominion, Metagame

A quick map of the current Dominion Metagame strategies that people are trying out. Leave a comment about which one works best for you!

Ice Skates

5 High Movement Characters (e.g. Shaco, Vayne, Master Yi, Zilean)

Strategy: Low Defense, High Offense. All characters will be built similarly: high burst and high speed. Your goal as a team is to hold at least one point more than the enemy and decapture the rest. You can’t win a 1v1 fight or hold turrets, but high movement will allow your team to zoom across the map and make any battle a 5v1 in your favor. Remember that decapturing a point is faster than trying to capture it.

Counters: Specialization. High mobility permits you to focus down the squishy characters and ignore the slower tanks. Let them have one or two points with tanks on them, steal the rest for your team.

Countered By: Tanky DPS Roam. While you can often times isolate and burst down one champion at a time, all characters are tough enough to defend points and kill at least one of you before they die. You’ll have to group up as a five-man roam squad to win.

Tanky DPS Roam

5 Tanky DPS characters (e.g.Rumble, Skarner, Xin Zhao, Nocturne)

Strategy: Medium Defense, Medium Offense. Your characters are 1v1 champions, so spread out and start capturing points. If someone needs help, any available champion can head to their aid. Usually you’ll end up with a group of two on bottom and three roamers on top.

Counters: Ice Skates. Each of your champions have enough damage to kill someone on the other team and survive to keep the point. You can spread out and defend points without worry.

Countered By: Specialization. With tanks to hide behind, the enemy team has more combined damage and hit points than yours. Try to stick together and use your mobility against the enemy tanks to catch the DPS by surprise.


2 Tanky Characters, 2 Pure DPS characters, 1 Tanky DPS or Support

Strategy: High Defense, Low Offense. Take one tank and DPS top and one tank and DPS bottom. The Tanky DPS/Support assists one group with pushing where needed while the other group defends. Slow and steady describes this strategy perfectly.

Counters: Tanky DPS. Since you’ll always be grouped up with at least one other person, you deny them the ability to spread out if they want to survive. Don’t overextend and you’ll force them into a roam group.

Countered By: Ice Skates. The combined burst of the enemy team along with their increased mobility will shut down your DPS, making the rest of the team worthless. You’ll have to group up to keep enough players alive to capture.

  1. kingofgob says:

    You forgot the Super Speed Rammus + any other four characters build.

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