Fastest Skarner Jungle Full Clear

Posted: September 26, 2011 by xenocidebrm in Jungling, Patch

Surprise! With the new Riven patch, people forgot about that Skarner was buffed. While Stonewall, jungler extraordinaire, put out a video of Jungle Skarner with a time of 3:45, I’ve managed to cut that down by 15 whole seconds. A dangerous jungle, to be sure, but as quick as Udyr in Phoenix stance. Enjoy!

  1. Sorry to disturb but:

    1)what is the mastery built?
    3)How much pots do you bought?

    • damndirtycat says:

      All of the information is on the Youtube video page, but I’ll repost it here for reference.

      Masteries: 17/3/10

      Armor Pen Quints
      Attack Damage Reds
      Armor Yellows
      Attack Damage Blues

      Cloth Armor 5 Pots (You use all of the pots)

      As was pointed out to me on the LoL forums by doo0ooooooom, my rune setup is not optimal. You can also start at Wolves, although you have to be careful what HP you start Blue at. I do recommend anyone looking to jungle Skarner in this fashion take a look at the thread below, as it has some useful responses on how to improve this jungle.

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