Items Guide – Movement

Posted: September 26, 2011 by xenocidebrm in Items

Here’s your weekly Items Guide fix. This week, I cover Movement items! No quiz this time, everyone should know what these items do and who to buy them on.

Berserker’s Greaves – These Movement 2 boots give you a decent attack speed bonus, making them ideal for AD carries. Eventually, however, you’re going to want to sell these and just buy two Zeals or Phantom Dancers.

Boots of Mobility – Movement 2 in combat, Movement 5 out of combat. Dealing or receiving damage counts as combat for these boots, so be aware that putting these on Kog’Maw won’t allow you to run at infinite speed while you outrange everyone. These boots are intended for some AD junglers and stealth characters, I wouldn’t recommend putting them on anyone else.

Boots of Speed – Your basic Movement 1 boots. You probably won’t need more than these during laning phase, but upgrade out of them if laning phase is over, as Movement 1 just doesn’t cut it for the whole game.

Boots of Swiftness – Movement 3 boots, these things are underrated and beautiful. Slower characters will find the speed boost refreshing, while Singed will simply win games with this and a Rod of Ages. I only recommend these if you have an item or ability that gives you Tenacity, as your speed won’t mean much when you’re Stunned or Slowed.

Force of Nature – This armor is an expensive work of art. The best Magic Resistance in the game combined with flat and percent Health Regen. To top it all off, you get an extra 8% movement speed. If you are tanking and have a high base HP, get this item against AP heavy teams. Hell, get it against AD teams, this item really is that good.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity – These Movement 2 boots also give you 15% Cooldown Reduction. You won’t see these on many characters because there are many other more cost efficient items that give you CDR and free up other boot options, but for pure CDR characters like Katarina and Riven, these boots provide a cheap alternative to buying items that have mana you’ll never even use.

Lich Bane – I wrote about this item in the Ability Power Items Guide and stand by my assertion that it is a good, albeit expensive, item. It builds out of Sheen, giving you Mana, Ability Power, Magic Resist, and (somehow) extra Movement. However, it’s only good on AD-AP hybrids who want to start with a Sheen and then build pure AP, so stop building it on mages (this means you, qqwerthy). Late game item for sure.

Mercury’s Treads – Movement 2 boots with 35 Tenacity and 25 Magic Resistance. The ultimate anti-Crowd Control item. It’s expensive, but gives you all the stats you’ll need for every game: Movement to get out of laning phase, Tenacity to get out of stuns, a little MR to deal with any AP, all for just 1200 Gold. Only the Moonflair Spellblade costs as little, and it is actually far less cost efficient and nowhere near as versatile. If there ever was an item that everyone built because of the metagame, this is it.

Ninja Tabi – The other metagame item, Movement 2 boots with 12% Dodge slapped on. Buy against AD heavy teams, otherwise take the more reliable Mercury’s Treads.

Phantom Dancer – The upgraded version of the Zeal, Phantom Dancer is less cost efficient than Zeal. However, if you have money to spare or no more slots for Zeals, Phantom Dancer will give amazing stats to any AD character: Attack Speed, Critical Chance, and Movement Speed. Also useful on Attack Speed focused characters, but the Critical Chance is often wasted. Very late game item, as AD is usually more efficient after you’ve gotten two Zeals.

Shurelya’s Reverie – A stealth OP item, Shurelya’s gives tank and support characters enormous benefits for a meager 2200 Gold. With this, you get Health, Health Regen, Mana Regen, CDR, AND an active AoE ability that speeds up your teammates by 40% for 3 seconds every 60 seconds. The active really ties together this item, making it useful for everyone and permitting easy ganks, escapes, and initiation. However, this item really isn’t core for anyone, and your team should only have one person with this item.

Sorcerer’s Shoes – No boots have been so grievously overrated as Sorcerer’s Shoes. These Movement 2 boots give you +20 Magic Penetration, which sounds good until you realize that anyone with half a brain will simply build Mercury’s Treads and still end up on top. If you want Magic Penetration, buy a Void Staff.

Sword of the Occult – At 20 stacks, you gain 15% Movement. If you have 20 stacks on this thing, you don’t need to read this and you certainly don’t need the 15% extra Movement. Buy this if the other team is really that bad.

Trinity Force – I can’t overstate how good Trinity Force is. Along with excellent stats across the board, this thing gives you an excellent speed boost, 12% to be exact. Quite expensive, but worth it for anyone who can use all the stats on this item.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade – For movement, there are better items. For gap closers, Youmuu’s active ability along with Shurelya’s let you get those first or last few hits in. It doesn’t do the most damage or give the most Attack Speed and it certainly isn’t the cheapest, but if you are a pure AD character who loves that early Brutalizer or Avarice Blade, this is your weapon.

Zeal – I used to think yellow was a meh color. After using Zeal, I am terrified of yellow. 8% Movement. 20% Attack Speed. 10% Critical Chance. 1200 Gold. What. The. Flying. F***. One of these things will turn you into a jet fighter made of velociraptors, I don’t even know what two or more of these things will do to you. All I know is that you’ll do everything really fast. Builds into Trinity Force AND Phantom Dancer, this this is almost better than Sheen and definitely more flexible. Only buy if you’re an AD Carry or you want to Dunk (Backdoor) turrets with Boots of Mobility 5 Zeal build. Welcome to the Jam.

  1. Capac Amaru says:

    You forgot your wiggles for dunking.

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